Social media marketing provides innumerable ways to connect with your customers and leverage those relationships into sales opportunities. It’s vitally important that you keep your eye on the ball, however, and not lose focus with activities or metrics that may not provide a bump in your bottom line. Our features this week focused on how immediacy, analysis, and taking care of your customers on social media can reap big dividends for your organization.

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You Should Be Tracking These Metrics, Say Leading Social Strategists

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If you’re looking to grow your social reach, it’s not enough to just be active on social networking — you have to constantly analyze your performance and look at social metrics to determine what works and what doesn’t work for your audience. But with a multitude of social networks, all with their own analytics data and key metrics, it can be difficult to determine what you’re looking for. “The first step to accurately measure social media success is to understand that there is more than one important metric,” says Alyssa Mattero, Senior Manager of Digital & Content Marketing with Perfect Search Media. “If you want to know if your social strategy is working, you have to first know your goals. What do you want social media to do?”

The metrics that matter for you may be different than the metrics that matter to another brand, because you might want something entirely different out of your social presence. “If someone’s social strategy is lead generation they would have very different metrics to look at versus one that wants brand awareness,” explains Melonie Gallegos, Principal & Chief Social Strategist with Fandom Marketing. “I think the mistake is that a lot of businesspeople think about social media marketing in this box by itself, as if it doesn’t have the same rules that marketing has. And it really does in a lot of ways, so brands need to approach it like they would any other marketing and put it through that process.”

That process necessitates taking a hard look at what you want out of your social presence. Are you looking to raise brand awareness? Drive purchases? Generate leads? Your specific goals will inform not only the right social direction to take, but also the metrics that indicate you’re doing it successfully. [ Read More… ]

Follow These Tips to Do Moment Marketing Without Falling Flat


At last year’s Super Bowl when the lights went out in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, I worked for Audi and I sent a single tweet on its behalf. Other brands followed suit, and these tweets demonstrated how a brand can take ownership over an event and steer the conversation in an entirely new direction that perfectly encapsulates a moment in time — all in less than 140 characters.

Since then, many more brands have attempted relevant responses or clever interjections to unforeseen events. Whether they’re responding to a big game, a breaking news story, or an unexpected conversation, they tweet away in hopes of being propelled into the social stratosphere. Yet because of its very nature – always moving and impossible to predict and anticipate – it’s the hardest part of social to execute successfully. While you obviously can’t predict what the next big moment will be, you can prepare to take advantage of a new paradigm in marketing. [ Read More… ]

Why Social Customer Care Will Only Get Bigger in 2014

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Since businesses first began pushing into social media, we’ve all seen how valuable social can be for engaging with customers. That’s never been more true, and the past twelve months showed how important it is for the business world to continue to keep their focus on the audience.

The Sprout Social Index showed a 48% increase (during the first quarter of 2013) in messages sent to brands on Twitter or Facebook that required a response. User engagement increased 175% by the third quarter of 2013 as well. Industries from entertainment to utilities, and from hospitality to retail posted more than 100% increases in inbound messages on social between the third quarters of 2012 and 2013.

Clearly, your customers are making their voices heard. They want social customer care, and companies have never been better equipped to deliver. The trend shows no signs of abating in 2014. Here’s why good service and support should be at the heart of your social strategy for the coming year. [ Read More… ]

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