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Timely, Trendy & Compelling: How to Level Up Your Marketing Strategy With Social [Webinar]

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Session time: 1 hour

To be “of the moment” isn’t just cool for conversation. It’s a strategic imperative for business. More and more companies use social moments as opportunities to develop their brand’s humanity, appeal to broader audiences and even win new customers. 

But trends are fast and fleeting, and not having an agile approach to react to the right moments can put you at risk. How can you know what trends are worth jumping on? How can you strike while the iron is hot and not miss the moment?

Tune in to learn how social pros keep a pulse on what’s relevant and determine which trends are right for their brands to take on with our panel of experts—Daniel Simmons, CEO and Founder of Populate, Avery Allman, Senior Strategic Services Consultant at Sprout Social and Owen Williams, Managing Director of Siml, previously Head of Editorial Strategy at the BBC.

Walk away from this webinar understanding:

  • How brand voice helps you curate the trends that will work for you
  • How to assess the sentiment and risk surrounding certain trends
  • How to use social listening to act fast, but safely get results
  • Why trends are so compelling from a psychological perspective

Plus, join an exclusive Q&A with the experts.


Avery Allman

Senior Strategic Services Consultant Sprout Social

Originally from the USA but recently relocated to Dublin, Ireland, Avery has worked on Sprout Social’s Professional Services team for the past 2.5+ years. She is passionate about using data to tell stories. Outside of work, she loves traveling and being a bandwagon sports fan.

Cat Anderson

International Head of Marketing Sprout Social

Cat is the Head of International Marketing at Sprout Social. She’s passionate about innovation and creating authentic experiences through digital marketing. Besides marketing, Cat enjoys live music in all its forms and training her terrier pup.

Daniel Simmons

Founder Populate

Dan founded specialist social media marketing agency, Populate Social, in 2015. Recognised as one of the top 5 social media marketing agencies in the Drum Awards, his notable clients include England Rugby, NHS and Admiral Insurance. 

Owen Williams

Managing Director Siml

Owen has a formidable track record in social media, having led Editorial Strategy at BBC Content Social, and previously as Head of Social at BBC One and BBC Wales. Owen is Managing Director of Siml, a social media consultancy and agency.