Analyze and inform strategy with social listening tools

Tap into the world’s largest and most diverse focus group: social media. Access deep insights that drive your brand forward using Sprout’s social listening solutions.

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Leverage social data with social media listening tools

The breadth of consumer, industry and cultural insights within social conversations is unmatched. The best marketers gain valuable insight by tapping into social data to perform quantitative, qualitative and contextual analysis of keywords, hashtags and topics. Use these findings to inform marketing campaigns, refine content strategies and improve overall customer experience.

Twitter Listeners & Reports

Configure Listener dashboards and reports to facilitate comprehensive analysis of Twitter data to understand brand and category trends.

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Real-time Brand Monitoring

Monitor incoming messages across networks and track brand-specific keywords to find and engage in the conversations that fuel brand love.

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Advanced Social Listening

Dive deeper into the data with cross-channel conversational analysis to uncover emerging trends, identify influencers and inform your strategy.

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Inform marketing strategy with listening tools and reports

Query Builder

Intuitively build listening queries

Quickly create basic and advanced queries without needing any knowledge of complex syntax and rules logic.

Seamlessly refine query searches

Easily update queries using a real-time previewer and dynamic, in-line refinements to return better and more focused results.

Easily build and access listener dashboards

Facilitate real-time and ongoing analysis of topics, hashtags, brands, industries and more on Twitter.

Gain deep insight from social data

Extract actionable insights from social conversations with engagement metrics, trend analysis and dynamic data visualization.

Related Topics and Hashtags
Emotional Response

Analyze sentiment for qualitative insights

Measure and analyze related topics and hashtags, sentiment and geolocations to drive future marketing campaigns.

Dig into message feeds for contextual analysis

Drill into a feed of each Tweet that matches the given query and corresponding insight for more context.

The social listening spectrum

Sprout's comprehensive social listening tools empower marketers to execute real-time brand monitoring and analyze social data for marketing insights.

Trends Report

Analyze keywords and hashtags with listening reports

Analyze incoming mentions

Gather introspective, contextual insights to topics, hashtags and influencers relative to your mentions to find new and incremental marketing opportunities.

Visualize hashtag and topic affinity

Visualize the relationship between the use of hashtags and topics with your profiles on an interactive chart to pinpoint trends that drive social conversations.

Trends Report
Twitter Listening Report

Hashtag listening and reporting

Perform quantitative analysis of historical Twitter keyword data to track and compare campaign success.

Comparative volume trends

Analyze share of voice across multiple brands or an entire competitive set to determine market share and growth.

Track campaign engagement with monitoring tools

Smart Inbox

Never miss a message

Sprout’s Smart Inbox seamlessly blends social monitoring and engagement with a unified feed of incoming messages.

Effectively track campaign engagement

Discover social conversations and engage with people using your brand or campaign keywords, hashtags and phrases.

Streamline monitoring workflows

Use tags, tasks and filters to divvy the workload and ensure your team can track and respond to messages quickly.

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A powerful social listening platform

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