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Analyze and inform strategy with social listening tools

Tap into the world’s largest and most diverse focus group: social media. Access deep insights that drive your brand forward using Sprout’s social listening tools.

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Identify what your audience cares about most

Social listening opens a window into people’s honest thoughts, feelings and opinions. The breadth of consumer, industry and cultural insights within social conversations is unmatched and should influence every aspect of an organization. Tap into social data to inform marketing campaigns, refine content strategies, build better products, gain a competitive advantage and improve overall customer experience.

Brand analysis

Track conversation around your brand to monitor health, analyze campaign performance and gain visibility into consumer needs and sentiment drivers.

Competitive insights

Identify opportunities to differentiate your brand, products and services through competitor comparison, sentiment research and share of voice analysis.

Industry intelligence

Leverage cross-channel conversational analysis to uncover emerging trends, identify influencers and perform market research that informs strategic decisions.

Powerful social media listening tools in a unified experience

Quickly move from insight to action

Access industry, competitive and brand intelligence through social listening right alongside Sprout’s world-class publishing, engagement, analytics and advocacy tools.

Get all the functionality you need, under one roof

Never worry again about being forced to log into separate platforms or deal with disjointed experiences to harness the power of social listening.

Intuitively build listening queries

Quickly create basic and advanced queries without needing any knowledge of complex syntax and Boolean logic.

Seamlessly refine query searches

Easily update queries using a real-time previewer and dynamic, in-line refinements to return better and more focused results.

Reduce time-to-insight with flexible data

Uncover deep insights in large data sets with advanced filtering, which includes location, age, gender, sentiment, post-type and powerful post-text search.

Extract actionable insights from conversations

Facilitate historical, real-time, and ongoing analysis of social data with volume and engagement metrics, trend and contextual analysis and dynamic visualizations.

The social listening spectrum

Sprout's comprehensive social listening tools empower marketers to execute real-time brand monitoring and analyze social data for marketing insights.

Inform marketing strategy with listening tools and reports

Take the guesswork out of content creation

Quickly filter campaign and demographic data to identify content that resonates with specific audiences and tailor your strategy accordingly.

Identify trending topics to reach new audiences

With deep access to social conversation data across channels, you can easily identify emerging trends and the top content relevant to your brand, competitors or industry.

Leverage hashtag listening and reporting

Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of keywords and hashtags to track and compare campaign success, analyze share of voice and determine market share and growth.

Perform contextual analysis with post-level data

Access contextual tools like interactive word clouds, related hashtags and a comprehensive view of all posts behind the conversation to dig into message-level metrics and insights.

Track campaign engagement with monitoring tools

Stay focused and never miss a message

Sprout’s Smart Inbox seamlessly blends social monitoring and engagement with a unified feed of incoming messages.

Effectively track campaign engagement

Discover social conversations and engage with people using your brand or campaign keywords, hashtags and phrases.

Streamline monitoring workflows

Use tags, tasks and filters to divvy the workload and ensure your team can track and respond to messages quickly.

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Listening not only helps us better understand what the conversations are about our brand in the digital space, it lets us make sure we’re dominating share of voice in our industry in a relevant, impactful and positive way.

Kara Wenman
Digital Content Marketing Manager

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