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Employee Advocacy

Build your brand through employee advocacy

Bambu by Sprout Social gives your employees a simple way to share curated content across their social networks so you can amplify reach, increase engagement and attract more qualified sales leads.

Turn your workforce into a powerful marketing and sales engine

Amplify with authenticity

Posting solely from your brand account can limit the reach and impact of social content. Leverage the power of your employees’ extended networks—and their personal touch—to amplify your brand voice and increase engagement.

Sell with confidence

Not all employees have the time or expertise to create and share thought leadership resources with on-brand messaging. Make social selling quick and easy for every team with curated content, helpful context and pre-approved messaging.

Build an employee advocacy strategy that drives real business results


Simplify access to approved content

Bambu makes it easy to curate content for employees in one easy-to-digest feed and the ability to share with just the click of a button.


Customize their experience

Employees can follow topics that match their interests, making it even easier to find and share content that will resonate with their networks.


Maintain message alignment

Provide employees with helpful context and approved post text suggestions to ensure alignment and compliance when sharing.


Measure and compare efforts

See which content—and which employees—are most impactful and active to help hone your strategy and boost motivation to share.


Optimize your approach

Assess the impact advocacy is having on the reach and performance of your content, and the ROI of your overall strategy.

Why Bambu for employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is one of the most powerful tools for accelerating the reach and impact of your social efforts. But many companies struggle to leverage it effectively. Bambu by Sprout Social is the easiest employee advocacy platform, with one unified feed, options to customize topics and messaging, and reports to measure performance and evaluate impact.

One platform, multiple benefits

One platform, multiple benefits


Increase the reach and engagement of your social content through your employees’ extensive social networks.

Social selling

Empower all teams to grow their thought leadership, build new relationships and help drive more qualified leads.

Consistent messaging

Ensure all shares stay on brand, aligned and compliant with any organization or industry rules and standards.

Employee engagement

Curate content and company information for your employees to keep them informed, inspired and sharing on social.


Drive interest in working for your organization through high-quality social content and passionate employees.

Request a personalized demo

We’d love to show you how Bambu’s powerful and easy-to-use employee advocacy tools can help you amplify your brand voice, expand your audience reach and strengthen the impact of your social efforts.

What can I expect?

  • An overview of our solutions and different use cases for your business
  • A live product demo with insight into how to get the most benefit from the platform
  • See the power and potential of our tools firsthand with no commitment required

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