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Social Media Analytics Tools to Market at the Speed of Social

Social media is a marketer’s fastest feedback loop. The savviest marketers leverage social media analytics tools and data to inform strategic marketing efforts.

Make sure you’re effectively monitoring your brand’s performance and analyzing social data to equip your team to efficiently market at the speed of social.

Reporting Suite

Make informed strategic decisions that have real business impact with standard, premium and custom reports.

Reporting Services

Uncover deeper business insights through access to operational analytics and social data tailored to your needs.

Reporting API

Integrate key social metrics into internal systems or reporting dashboards for extended analysis.

Social Media Reporting Across Networks & Profiles

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Sprout Social Facebook Audience Growth Report

Tap Into Facebook Insights

Quickly get a feel for Page impressions, Fan growth and how your Facebook content is performing with intuitive, interactive reports.

Compare Facebook Pages

Gain insight to industry averages and directly compare competitor’s data with dedicated competitive analysis reporting.

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Identify Your Best Twitter Content

View aggregate post stats by Twitter profile, including clicks, reach and engagement, as well as top performing Tweets.

Analyze Twitter Strategy

Plan and analyze historical or current Twitter campaigns using Twitter keyword, trends and hashtag reports.

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Sprout Social Twitter Content Report
Instagram Hashtag Performance Report

Powerful Instagram Analytics Tools

Measure follower growth, analyze engagement ratios and dig deeper into trends in your hashtag usage and the resulting audience engagement.

Understand What Resonates

Share content then use the Sent Messages Report to inform and support your content strategy.

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Gain Insight Into LinkedIn Analytics

Analyze page and post level data including audience growth, demographics, engagements and impressions across your LinkedIn Company Pages.

Measure ROI of Paid Activity

Understand how your advertising spend impacts your Company Page growth by comparing paid versus organic impressions and fans gained.

Linked Pages Publishing Behavior Report
Sprout analytics let us see what is working—we can listen better to our customers and react appropriately. It's an incredible platform to get a macro look at what's happening with your brand's voice in the social space. It aggregates that information and really creates one solid picture for us to understand the feedback loop.

Nicole Portwood

VP, Brand Marketing

Gain Deeper Insight with Reporting Services

Streamline Business Processes

Analyze operational analytics—such as platform usage, agent performance or task efficiency—to discover areas for improvement.

Solve Strategic Problems

Tap into Reporting Services to gain access to social data presented in a readily-consumable format and tailored to your needs.

Woman with laptop

Integrate Data with Reporting API

Access Social Metrics

Gain increased access to data from Sprout’s reports and integrate into your internal dashboards and analytics tools.

Perform Additional Analysis

Further analyze data that can be aggregated across metrics, profiles or date ranges to suit your business needs.

Access Premium Reporting Tools

Create Custom Reports

Build reports specific to your business needs using Sprout’s data, analytics and presentation-ready report templates.

Custom URL Tracking

Define campaigns and automatically append tracking data to the links you post from Sprout to identify social traffic in Google Analytics.

Logo Branding

White label reports with logos—great for agencies managing multiple accounts or for sharing reports with management.

Sprout Social Premium Reporting Tools

A Powerful Platform for Social Media Analytics

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