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40 unique ways to use listening data to make an impact on your business

40 Unique Ways To Use Social Listening To Make An Impact On Your Business

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Being a good listener is an invaluable skill for marketers, in life and on social media. When you listen (and listen well), you learn what makes people tick, what their challenges are, how they view the world around them and so much more.

Social media listening tools uncover critical information and insights about consumers, competitors, culture and your industry as a whole. Continually learning from listening can make a tremendously positive impact on your business. And if you think that impact is limited to your brand’s social media strategy, think again–and think bigger.

There are nearly infinite ways to use listening, from influencing product design and finding your competitors’ pain points to mitigating an emerging crisis and rousing new raving fans.

Gone are the days where brands can afford to leave social data with their social media teams only. Download this guide to learn about 40 unique listening examples and real-life use cases across industries that will help inspire your own listening efforts and holistically influence your organization.