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The Sprout Spotlight Awards recognizes great people behind great social, and right now we’re highlighting those who are Community Builders. These are community managers whose duties go beyond responding to comments, they’re the architects of your online community, building your audience every day.

How it works

Who’s creating social content that energizes you? Who has built a community that makes you feel like family? Who is using their brand’s platform for social good? Who is launching campaigns that are so memorable you look to them for inspiration?

If you’ve liked, shared or commented “I love it!” on the posts of any brand, this is your opportunity to honor the people behind the work that inspires you every day.

Who has built a community that makes you feel like family? Who shows up for their audience when they’re needed most? Who is always there to listen, share resources and support their community?

If you’ve ever felt connected to a brand, this is your opportunity to honor the people behind the work that inspires you every day.

  1. Nominate someone who embodies the Community Builder Award on social using #SproutSpotlights. You can share nominations as many times as you’d like as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram posts. Note: Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Retweets, shares and comments will not count as nominations.
  2. Using the power of social listening, we’ll track every entry and narrow down the top five finalists for each award.
  3. Once finalists are announced, you’ll have two weeks to vote for your winners using a poll right on this page!

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Must be 18+ to enter. Learn more about rules, nomination eligibility, selection criteria and more here.

Want to recognize social media greatness?

Share a few reasons why the social expert in your life deserves a moment in the spotlight.

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Meet our finalists

Austin Braun

Social Media Manager, University of Colorado Boulder College of Engineering & Applied Science

Austin is passionate about building brands with a focus on persona development, using social media as a place to connect and build community. Outside of work, he can regularly be found hiking and practicing astrophotography.

Jenn Crim

Acquisition Marketing Manager – Social Media, Opry Entertainment Group

Jenn is the social media manager for Opry Entertainment Group in Nashville, TN. She’s passionate about entertainment, music and social media. Outside of work, you can find her cooking, reading or hiking somewhere in the US!



Brianne Fleming

Marketing Instructor, the University of Florida

Brianne Fleming loves to teach marketing, but through the lens of pop culture! She's built a passionate community with her weekly Twitter chat, #PopChat. Brianne shares marketing lessons from music, movies, sports and more.



Christina Garnett

Insights Strategist, VIZIT

At VIZIT, Christina helps Fortune 500 brands better understand their audience. Her visual intelligence reports and strategy playbooks empower brands to see their content through the eyes of their audience.

Jayde Powell

Sr. Social Analyst – Community Management, Delta Air Lines

Jayde is a SMM professional from Atlanta, GA. Her social approach is rooted in human connection and values-driven content. When she's not Tweeting about marketing, you can find her posting about her travels on Instagram.

Pat Timmons

Social Media, Drift

Based in Boston, MA, Pat Timmons is a marketer that leads with empathy in his work. With experience in advertising, PR, social media and more, Pat brings a holistic approach to his social media strategy.

Entries are closed.

Check back to see the winner announced!

Sprout Spotlight Awards - Community Builder Award

About the Always On award

Oct 13, 2020 Entry Deadline
Oct 15, 2020 Finalists Announced
Oct 30, 2020 Winner Announced

Previous winners

Always On Winner
Alexa Heinrich Social Media Manager, St. Petersburg College

Bio: Alexa is the Social Media Manager for St. Petersburg College in Florida. She is passionate about accessibility for digital communications and educating others on the realities of working in social media. Outside of work, she enjoys good tacos and riding her bike along the beach.

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