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Social Media Scorecard Templates to Keep Your C-Suite Informed

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There is a massive amount of social media data available today, and leadership teams are more eager than ever to use it to inform business decisions. But raw data and lengthy, stat-stuffed reports alone don’t tell a compelling story to executives.

Not only could that prevent you from securing buy-in for new resources or initiatives, it could also have serious implications on your brand’s ability to identify market trends, customer insights and growth opportunities. We created these social media scorecard templates to empower you to share key insights with your C-suite on a regular basis.

These templates will enable you to:

  • Give executives a digestible overview of your brand health and social strategy
  • Contextualize your performance within your competitive landscape
  • Demonstrate social ROI
  • Uncover new opportunities for improved customer satisfaction

Download these templates to keep executives informed of the impact of social in your organization.


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