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The 2024 Influencer Marketing Report: In Influencers We Trust

In the age of network fragmentation, influencers should be an essential part of every marketer’s playbook. As feeds become more personalized and insulated, consumers’ content consumption and buying preferences are converging on social. Influencers are the missing piece to providing cohesive brand experiences and reaching larger audiences.

But not all influencer marketing efforts are created equal. We surveyed over 2,000 consumers and 300 influencers to get their take on what makes influencer marketing successful, and predict how the landscape will evolve in the future. Download these four reports to create influencer marketing content that resonates, and dive into the evolving expectations of consumers and influencers themselves.

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How to use this research

How to use this research

Go beyond “authenticity”

While older generations look for influencers who seem authentic, younger consumers are more discerning. They understand that influencers provide a service on behalf of brands (and they’re okay with it). Which could explain why influencer trust is on the rise with Millennials and Gen Z. Learn what criteria they do care about.

Drive revenue

Even though almost all consumers make purchases inspired by influencers, they tend to underestimate the impact influencers have on their spending. But what compels them to buy varies by gender, age and buying habits. Build a full-funnel influencer content strategy to create clearer ties between social and your bottom line.

Build influencer partnerships

Creating influencer activations that make consumers stop scrolling starts by being a good brand partner. Influencers themselves are looking for long-term collaborations with brands, and want to be brought into product development and creative planning discussions sooner. Find out how to build stronger influencer relationships.