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Prepare to Launch With a Social Media Campaign Brief: Template

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A lot goes into building a successful social media campaign—creative assets, social copy, paid strategy, reporting and much more. With so many moving parts, it’s critical to create a source of truth that everyone involved can reference to stay focused, coordinated and efficient. Empower your team with a social media campaign brief. 

We’ve created a customizable social media campaign brief template to help you outline campaign details, creative direction and other important directives. Fill in information about your campaign’s: 

  • Goals, objectives and target audiences
  • Organic and/or paid activation plan
  • Team operations, rituals and roles using the DACI framework
  • Content distribution strategy, approval workflows and other social publishing FYIs

This brief helps social media campaign drivers maintain quality control while also empowering your teammates to manage their own campaign-related tasks. This brief will also be a document that you can share with leadership, managers and other stakeholders so they are informed and aligned with your approach. 

Prepare to launch on time, on brand and on budget with your social media campaign brief. Download the template to get started.

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