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How to Captivate your B2B Audience with Emotional Marketing

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Session time: 1 Hour

Did you know emotional marketing can be seven times more effective for your business? When you spark the right emotion, your audience is more likely to engage with your brand and possibly even convert into paying customers.

If you observe socially-savvy B2C companies, they focus on marketing with personality and emotion – making their brand more appealing and memorable. If only it were so easy for B2B, right? Well, it might be time to think again. LinkedIn’s study, Emotion on LinkedIn’2022, has shown that brands in tech who utilize emotive marketing boasted a 25% higher engagement rate than their peers. 

But in a world where this style of marketing has been proven as desirable, it still remains critically underutilized. This means there’s a real opportunity for your business to stand out and gain competitive advantage.

In this webinar you’ll:

  • Uncover how emotional marketing helps brands connect with their B2B audience.
  • Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn strategy using emotion and personality.
  • Be equipped with emotional marketing tactics you can implement instantly.



Juan Gutierrez

Juan Gutierrez


Juan is the Founder of BlueMelon, a creative thinker passionate about business and growth who injects humanity into his work. With 20+ years of design, product and UX initiatives with some of the world’s biggest brands like LinkedIn, Adobe and Salesforce, Juan is well-placed to share insights into creating real impact through human stories.

Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin


Marilyn is a Certified Practicing Marketer with 20+ years’ experience working with startups all the way to global brands, across multiple industries. Being an evidence-based marketer is her cornerstone and she loves all things content. When not at work, you’ll likely find her hiking some mountain.

Prasana William

Prasana William

Sprout Social

Prasana is an accomplished tech marketer in the APAC region with experience across startups and scale-ups where she specializes in running impactful regional campaigns using various content, platforms, and tools. Outside of marketing, Pras has become quite the oenophile.

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