There’s always room for improvement. It’s easy to think that the groove you’ve fallen into with your social strategy is fine the way it is, but there’s an abundance of areas where smart marketers can optimize their social marketing efforts.

So where do you begin?

With this checklist! Print it out and hang it in your office. Screenshot it and share it with the rest of your social team. Use it as a tool to reach your business goals with social.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Market

Get to know your customers well enough to always give them what they crave.

Did you forget to listen to what your audience wants before planning? With Simply Measured Listening, you can sort the conversation easily by posts, social channels, hashtags, conversation keywords, and even most influential people in the conversation.
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Use social listening to become a fly on the wall and leverage unencumbered customer feedback to plan and implement change in your strategy.

 Identify opportunities to capitalize on engagement.  These could be major events or emerging topics of conversation within key demographics.

✔ Identify conversation trends to fuel product development. How can you impact other parts of your business?

 Listen for customer pain points. Make adjustments to your strategy and/or product accordingly.

Measure Performance More Regularly

If you’re not consistently tracking metrics that correlate to your business objectives, you’re consistently missing a chunk of the big picture.

With Simply Measured Social Analytics, you can easily set and track progress towards goals.
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✔ Create a weekly or monthly reporting cadence. This will give your leadership insight into how social is moving the needle for your business, and it will show you exactly what you need to do to crush your social marketing goals on a regular basis.

✔ Analyze your competition. Data is nothing if you don’t put it in context. Understand how you measure up against your competitors. Is their content outperforming yours? Why?

✔ Standardize what you’re measuring. Make sure you are working towards the same KPIs every time you look at the data, whether that’s engagement, engagement rate, web traffic, or something else. Choose the KPIs that ladder up to your organization’s larger marketing goals and initiatives.

Save Time with Automation

Work smarter, not harder. Optimize your time and effort by using automated tools for publishing and engaging.

With Sprout Social, you can easily publish content and manage assets across all your active social networks.
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This leaves empty space on your calendar and in your brain—empty space you can use to run analysis and make more intentional, successful campaign and content choices moving forward.

✔ Schedule content to devote more focus on strategy. Stop focusing on the how, and start making more strategic decisions.

 Use message approvals for an efficient workflow. Do you have social contributors on different teams or in different locations? Stop sending approvals through clunky email chains and confusing Slack conversations you may miss.

 Scale customer service efforts with automated welcome messages. Don’t leave your customers hanging. Automated publishing and engagement is a great solution for both your marketing and customer service teams.

Level Up in Employee Advocacy

With Bambu, your employees can get your brand and messaging in front of a much wider set of eyes.
bambu for employee advocacy

Empower employees with the tools and resources they need to advocate for your brand, and you’ll effectively reach a tighter, more targeted and more personal audience—which is becoming increasingly important in the brand-saturated social space (and with the latest algorithm changes).

✔ Engrain advocacy as a tool for success. Remember to set goals around this program.

✔ Equip employees to distribute shareable content. Take the heavy lifting out of the process.

✔ Track engagement and reach of shared content to learn what resonates. Make better decisions on social more quickly.