As a social marketer, time is a precious resource that you cannot afford to waste. And having data-driven, actionable insights is essential for your success. Data from the 2020 Sprout Social™ Index suggests that 40% of social marketers believe they need a dedicated analyst to make a greater business impact. Unfortunately, getting buy-in for this resource is extremely rare.

There is a catch, though: without access to the right data or the flexibility to analyze it, social media’s impact on the organization’s goals is limited, leaving key consumer or competitive intel within only one team’s reach. Or worse, social marketers are unable to bring the necessary social insights to stakeholders that would make a meaningful impact for their business. 

With Sprout’s new Premium Analytics package, you can easily develop, assess and optimize your social strategy with a more data-rich approach. Premium Analytics offers the tools and control you need to deeply analyze your data—even dynamically dimension it to uncover insights from different perspectives—so that you can drive influence and inform business and brand strategy using social data

Go beyond reporting, start analyzing with Premium Analytics 

If reporting is the barometer that determines whether your strategy is on track, then data analysis is the key to realizing the impact of social media on your business goals. Both are critical to a well-rounded social strategy, and Sprout now offers a unified approach to powerful reporting and deep analytics. 

As with all Sprout solutions, the beauty of Premium Analytics is in the elegant balance of sophistication and approachability. Rather than learning or managing separate analytics dashboards, Premium Analytics is masterfully built on top of Sprout’s existing reports. So if you’re a current customer, getting started is easy—there’s barely a learning curve. And if you’re new to Sprout, you’ll experience the power of performance reporting and dynamic analytics all in one place.

Let’s take a quick tour! 


Improve time to value with tailored executive summaries 

Preparing reports or summaries on social performance and campaign analysis can be difficult and time-consuming for social media practitioners. The Report Builder allows you to create tailored executive summaries with ease. Combine multiple reports or report sections to create the overviews that your clients or stakeholders care about. Then, simply save the summary report template in Sprout for future reference, saving you time and energy so you can focus on analysis instead of reporting. 

Premium Analytics empowers you to showcase the power of social data with marketing leaders, fellow practitioners and other team leaders. Clearly demonstrate how social supports broader marketing, brand and business goals. With that information and your unique skill set, you can amplify the impact and importance of social data in your organization. 


Lead with the metrics that matter the most to your organization 

Sometimes finding the right metric for measuring performance can be tedious. A specific time period or metric could be all you need to find the missing key insight. This is especially true on social where each stakeholder may track unique KPIs and measure success differently depending on their team’s focus. Social is the linchpin, but this can make reporting and performance analysis overwhelming. 

For a detailed focus, use the Metric Selection feature and specify your (or the stakeholder’s) preferred success metrics within individual reports to effectively assess your social performance. Then, lean on Custom Comparison Periods to help you find the right performance metric or data that aligns with a broader company initiative, such as a multi-channel campaign. By zooming in on a unique timeframe, you can clearly connect the impact of social on the overall campaign’s performance. 

In a few moments, you can quickly demonstrate the impact of paid and organic social by aligning social reporting practices with your organization’s specific KPIs and periodic reporting. 

Sprout Social's Premium Analytics gives you deeper insights on engagements, whether it's by likes, comments, saves or more.


Gain new perspectives on your audience and content performance 

Measuring content performance is core to any social media analysis—especially given how resource-intensive it is to create timely and relevant content on social. Therefore, ensuring ROI for your organization is mission-critical, and it starts with utilizing social data to better understand your audience and content performance. 

Layering the power of Premium Analytics over Sprout’s Post Performance Report unlocks a whole new world of content analysis that gives you multiple perspectives when assessing a strategic direction across networks, campaigns and content types. 

  • Post Text Search provides nearly instantaneous filtering of historical posts by keyword or phrase so you can dynamically narrow your data set by content theme, product, campaign or hashtag.
  • Advanced Filters for network and profile-specific post and content types make it easy to zero in on things like Facebook video performance, carousel vs. single image posts and video vs. photo within your Instagram Stories. Cross-reference with tag filters and things get even more interesting!
  • Bulk Tagging offers the added flexibility of dynamically and retroactively applying tags to groups of posts which will in turn enable deeper and more flexible analysis within your Tag Report for comparative analysis across campaigns or content themes. 

After performing this in-depth content analysis, you can leverage the Report Builder to create 360° campaign reports by stitching together widgets from Profile, Post and Paid Performance reports. Combine audience demographics across networks with organic content performance and paid social metrics ranging from spend, clicks and CPM to low-level conversion outcomes like “added to cart,” email registrations and content downloads. 

Leverage Sprout Social's Report Builder to create 360° campaign reports by stitching together widgets from Profile, Post and Paid Performance reports.


Empower social data-driven decision making within in your organization 

The features outlined above only scratch the surface. Supercharging your reporting with Premium Analytics will unlock access to hundreds of additional data points across all networks—including detailed video and paid metrics—and open up new data visualizations and configurability. With more data and analysis tools at your disposal, you are better positioned to make the case for more resources. Just look at Indiana University.

After a leadership change in 2019, the Indiana University team was tasked with answering a critical decision-making question: “what percentage of their content was video and how did it perform compared to other content types?” Without Premium Analytics, it took the team six weeks of manual calculation in an Excel spreadsheet to provide an answer. But the insights could have been found quicker with the powerful analytical tools and breadth of data (including video-specific metrics) available in Premium Analytics. 

Luckily, the IU team found their answer.

“At that point, we were looking for more analytics that included more video metrics that we didn’t have to pull by hand. With all the work we put in at the onset, we were able to say, ‘Look, we can get six weeks of work back for the university just by upgrading our Sprout plan to get Premium Analytics.”

— Clayton Norman, Social Media and Digital Marketing Leader, Indiana University

With those extra six weeks back, the IU team was able to focus their energy on more strategic initiatives.


Remain adaptive with actionable insights from Sprout’s Premium Analytics

Today Premium Analytics is available across all major networks and key reports in Sprout, including Profile, Paid and Post Performance Reports for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. And currently in beta and coming soon: YouTube reporting and Sprout’s Analytics API, which will help more sophisticated brands and analysts programmatically access owned performance data for deeper and more tailored analysis.

Start leveraging social insights across the business to unlock more opportunities, such as increased brand awareness, more customer loyalty and better ROI through content and campaign performance. Not only will Premium Analytics enhance your reporting efforts, but it will help you anticipate performance gaps to maximize business impact. 

Already a customer and need help getting started with Premium Analytics? Reach out to your Customer Success representative today (or directly request trial access here)! If you’re new to Sprout, try Sprout Social for free with a 30-day trial and request access to Premium Analytics once you get started.