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Creating a Social Media Report to Share With Your Boss [Free Toolkit]

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For any social media manager, creating a social media report is an invaluable skill. Reporting is what tells you if your social strategy is tracking toward your goals or if you need to make an adjustment.

Equally important is your ability to package and present your findings to your managers and other key stakeholders in order to secure executive buy-in. An established reporting system empowers you to regularly share social insights with leadership in a way that’s understandable—eventually expanding the influence of social media within your organization.

In this toolkit, you’ll find the templates and resources you need to stand up your own internal social dashboards and create a regular reporting system.

This free toolkit features:

  1. [Template] Internal Social Media Dashboard
  2. [Worksheet] Social Media Reporting
  3. [Document] Monthly & Quarterly Reporting Document
  4. Bonus: Resources to elevate your social media reporting

Download the toolkit to get a head start on your social media reporting today.

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