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The Social Media Metrics Map [Free Resource]

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With the hundreds of social media metrics available today, the challenge is understanding which metrics will help you make smart decisions about your social strategy.

While many social marketers can identify the right objectives and put together a compelling social plan, the metrics and tracking phase is where many of us lose steam—especially if no one is requesting updates or your manager doesn’t understand the value of social metrics.

It’s the role of social media managers to define what success looks like, measure it consistently and educate colleagues about the power of social data.

That’s where the Social Metrics Map comes in.

In this resource collection, we’ll review the stages of the social media sales funnel and their corresponding objectives. Then, we’ll walk through a simple, three-step process for mapping owned, earned and paid social media strategy to relevant KPIs and their business value, depending on which stage of the funnel your social program focuses on.

Whether you are an in-house social marketer or an agency pro consulting with your clients, the resources we’re sharing here will be valuable tools to ensure your social reporting strategy aligns to the right business goals. Download this resource to access:

  • The Social Metrics Map Guide, which walks you through the process of setting goals, defining your objectives and determining the right approach to measurement
  • The Social Metrics Map, a resource for identifying the right metrics to track for each stage of the funnel and objective
  • The Social Metrics Map Worksheet, a fillable PDF template for you to fill out on your own or with your team/clients in order to solidify your strategic reporting approach

It’s one thing to have metrics available to you. It’s another to know which metrics tell the right story.

Download these resources today to define success for yourself.