Facebook’s focus on mobile is paying off for brands. According to research, almost one in five new Facebook fans came from mobile devices in August. That’s an increase of 280 percent in just four months.

PageLever analyzed more than 500 Facebook Pages with 100,000 or more fans. In May, it found that only five percent of new fans came from mobile, but that number jumped to 19 percent in August.

We’re not certain what could have caused the spike, but it’s plausible that Facebook’s mobile advertising product could have contributed to it. The company introduced mobile-only ads in June, allowing you to target potential and existing fans using mobile devices.

It’s also possible that the social network’s revamped iOS app could have boosted usage, thus increasing the number of page Likes. However, that was released toward the end of August so it isn’t very likely that this was the driving force behind the surge.

Whatever the cause, it seems to be working. We’ll keep an eye on reports to see if this growth trend continues. In the mean time, you can really focus on your mobile audience by integrating mobile ads into your current campaign. You can also target those ads based on device and operating system.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: owenwbrown]