How To Schedule Facebook Posts With Sprout Social

We all know content is king when it comes to social media. It is imperative that you keep your audience constantly engaged with new, relevant content. However, constantly maintaining that stream can be daunting, so scheduling posts for a later time and date can help you manage the process and your sanity.

In this article, we’ll look specifically at how to schedule Facebook posts so your audience sees the right content at the right time without you having to set multiple alarms throughout the week.

Easily schedule Facebook posts with a free trial from Sprout Social.

Scheduling Posts With Facebook

To do this with the native Facebook tools, simply visit your Facebook Page and find the field where you type in your status update at the top of your Page’s Timeline, just like any other post. Enter the content you want to publish and click on the tiny gray time icon in the bottom left corner of your status update window. From there, you’ll be able to bring up the scheduling menu and choose the right time for your update.

The process within Facebook can be a bit time-consuming, but you can take your scheduling a step further with the Sprout Social platform. Rely on Sprout’s robust publishing features – scheduled messages, the Sprout Queue, and ViralPost – to schedule posts to your social profiles. Here’s how.

Scheduling One-Off and Recurring Facebook Posts With Sprout Social

Want to spread the word about an event? Launch a product release? Send promotional content on a recurring basis? Schedule your post for the appropriate date and time based on its nature and when your audience should see the content.

scheduling facebook post through sprout screenshot

Schedule a post

  1. Click “Compose,” then draft your message.
  2. Choose “Schedule Message,” then enter a date and time.

Effortless Publishing With the Sprout Queue

Have meaningful content that doesn’t need to be published by a specific date or time, but would still be valuable to your audiences? Queue it up in the Sprout Queue to send out sometime in the future. All you have to do is set up the queue. Select send times, choose a number of posts per day, and decide when content should go out, then add content to the queue. Sprout will do the rest. Use the Sprout Queue to fill engagement gaps throughout the day with great content like product tips, thought leadership articles, or industry-related news.

using the queue to schedule a facebook post screenshot

Get your queue set up

  1. Go to “Actions,” then select “Sprout Queue.”
  2. Choose which version of the queue to use: Manual or ViralPost.
  3. For manual settings, select days and specific send times for your content to be distributed.
  4. For ViralPost, select the “Number of Posts per Day” and select days and a general time frame for content to be distributed.

Adding content to the Sprout Queue  

Queue content when it’s top of mind. Draft a message directly from Compose,  share content you discover on the web with the Sprout Bookmarklet, or add content to the queue directly from the RSS Reader, whatever suits your needs.

Tip: Add content anytime, from anywhere by queueing content from Sprout Social’s web, mobile, or browser extension apps.

Take the Queue A Step Further With ViralPost

ViralPost works for you by taking the guesswork out of delivery times. This data-centric solution analyzes your audience’s usage and engagement patterns to determine the optimal times to deliver content for maximum impact. ViralPost is only available with our Premium, Team, and Enterprise plans.

using viralpost to schedule a facebook post screenshot

Get ViralPost set up

  1. Go to “Actions,” then select “Sprout Queue.”
  2. Turn the queue on.
  3. Select the “Number of Posts per Day,” choose “Optimal Send Times,” and then set days and times.

We hope this was a helpful explanation of how Sprout’s publishing features make it easy to schedule content for Facebook. Any questions? Tweet us and let us know! Want to try it out yourself? Sign up for a free trial and get started!