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The Trusted Toolkit Every Social Media Manager Needs in 2023

Social media is ever-changing. Fast-growing platforms like TikTok are maturing, content creators are evolving and brands are discovering new ways to increase awareness. 

How can you keep up? For a decade, the Sprout team has kept our finger on the pulse of viral trends and data-driven strategies happening nationwide. 

Get access to current data and innovative tactics to plan and implement your 2023 social media strategy. Use this toolkit of six resources to maximize your social strategy in the year ahead.

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What you’ll find in this toolkit

New trends for 2023

Are your customers actually into behind-the-scenes content? Is long-form video making a comeback? No one needs to know social trends more than a social media manager. Uncover the facts about where social is headed & what your audience wants to see on your feed.

Scroll-stopping content

Any brand can capture attention on social media. From creative TikTok strategies that draw in views and employee advocacy programs to amplify your message. Many paths to success on social exist. Learn how you can build trust and audience engagement with ease.

Reporting & budgeting resources

Planning content and securing partnerships is great, but none of it can happen without a clear budget. Create your custom budget with our easy-to-use template. Once you’re finished, use our social analytics spreadsheet to keep track of all of your new campaigns.

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