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[Toolkit] 6 essential resources every social media manager needs in 2024

You know more than most—the stakes are higher than ever for social media teams. Consumer preferences are rapidly evolving, technology like AI is making its mark and expectations for social media efforts to influence revenue are rising.

How can you navigate this new era of social? The Sprout team curated this toolkit of six free social media templates and resources to help you plan and execute your 2024 social media strategy and maximize social’s impact at your organization.

With these resources on hand, you’ll be empowered to future-proof your strategy, meet your performance goals and get buy-in from stakeholders.

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How to use this toolkit

How to use this toolkit

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Work smarter

Managing a brand’s social media presence is complex and time-consuming—from publishing content to meeting customer care expectations to reporting on performance. Make the most of your investment by finding the right workflows and tools. Learn how to simplify your processes to make more time for more meaningful work.

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Reorient around audience engagement

Consumers are more plugged-in than ever before and social has become an integral touchpoint in their journey with your brand. Provide a stellar customer experience 24/7 by honing in on the quality of your exchanges with your followers. Identify customer pain points and process gaps to enhance your strategy and make customer experiences memorable (for all the right reasons).

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Prove the value of social media

As social matures, so should how you measure its impact—which expands far beyond marketing. Unlocking the full value of social media requires presenting compelling, contextualized performance insights to your C-suite and other stakeholders. Demonstrate how social drives revenue, enables brand evolution and empowers you to outperform your competition.