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[Free Toolkit] Level Up Your Social Marketing in 2021

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In 2020, social marketers faced challenges unlike any other we’ve seen before. Together, we paused and pivoted more than just our social strategies. We also learned to raise our voices and speak out on the issues that matter most to our communities. Looking back, these lessons have helped us all become stronger and more adaptable marketers.

Take last year’s insights and transform them into this year’s impact—using data as your guide. We’ve compiled our top data-driven resources to help you plot the right course for your business moving forward. (Plus, a bonus resource to help you share those plans across your org for maximum impact).

This free toolkit features:

  1. [Report] The 2020 Sprout Social Index
  2. [Guide] 2020 Trends and 2021 Predictions 
  3. [Exercise] Social Marketing Prioritization Workbook
  4. [Checklist] Jumpstart Your Strategy When Your Content Stalls Out
  5. Bonus: Social Media Presentation Template

Download the toolkit today and optimize your social strategy.