Did you know that in some cultures, black cats are thought to bring good luck and prosperity? While many myths surround black cats, there are many reasons black cats make an excellent addition to any home. Black cats have spunky, loveable, and unique personalities like any cat.

Unfortunately, due to the superstitions surrounding black cats, many people choose not to adopt them. That’s why we have Black Cat Appreciation Day. This national holiday allows us to celebrate our beloved house panthers while bringing awareness to their breed.

Do you want to learn more about how to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day? This guide will discuss Black Cat Appreciation Day facts and how you can use the holiday to connect with your target audience.

What is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Have you wondered, “when is Black Cat Appreciation Day?” National Black Cat Appreciation Day falls on August 17 each year. The day is devoted to appreciating and celebrating black cats.

Wayne H. Morris founded Black Cat Appreciation Day. He established the holiday to honor his sister June and her black cat Sinbad.

Some of the goals of Black Cat Appreciation Day include:

  • Sharing the joys of living with black cats
  • Dispelling myths surrounding black cats
  • Helping black cats get adopted

Tragically, black cats and dogs are less likely to get adopted than animals of other colors due to their superstitions. Black cats are often associated with witchcraft or bringing a person bad luck if they cross their paths.

Black cats have appeared in TV shows and movies in the past few decades to showcase their charm and personality. The TV show “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” featured Salem, a sarcastic black cat. Thackery Binx is a famous black cat that was a character in the movie “Hocus Pocus.”

Ways to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on your social media accounts

No matter what type of business you have, you can promote National Black Cat Appreciation Day on your social media accounts. Celebrating these furry felines is a great way to connect with your target audience. You might be surprised how many of your followers own and love black cats.

Black Cat Appreciation Day meme contest

There’s nothing better than a meme featuring a cat. You can ask your followers on Instagram and Twitter to create their own Black Cat Appreciation Day Meme. Your followers can vote on their favorite meme, or you can randomly pick the winner.

The contest winner can win black cat-themed prizes, such as food, swag, or cat toys. If you’re not a pet-themed brand, you can partner with one. Partnering with another company allows you to access their followers, extending the reach of your contest.
To enter the contest, you can ask your followers to do the following:

  • Tag the accounts of all the brands involved
  • Follow all of the accounts
  • Refer two friends
  • Use your hashtags

You can ask people to use specific hashtags you created for the contest in addition to using the National Black Cat Appreciation Day hashtag.

Share Black Cat education

As we mentioned, many myths and superstitions surround black cats. Some of the common superstitions are:

  • They’re bad luck
  • They’re witches in disguise

Use Black Cat Appreciation Day as an opportunity to dispel the myths about black cats. You can post a series of interesting facts about black cats. One fact is that British sailors believed that a black cat brought good luck to their ships.

You can ask your followers to post facts they know about black cats in the comments to continue the conversation. Make sure you respond to and like each of the comments on your posts to increase audience engagement.

Host a photo contest

Ask your followers to share pictures of their black cats. You can follow the same rule structure outlined in the meme contest above.

One way to make the contest unique is to ask your followers to write three facts about their cat in the caption of their entry. They can also include information on how and where they adopted their cat.

Black Cat Appreciation Day frequently asked questions

Black Cat Appreciation Day might not be a popular holiday, but it’s important. Every animal should have a day to shine and receive attention.

What is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a yearly holiday where people can show their love for black cats. It’s also an opportunity to dispel common myths about the breed and encourage people to adopt a black cat.

When is National Black Cat Appreciation Day?

National Black Cat Appreciation Day is on August 17 every year. It’s not the same as National Black Cat Day, which falls on October 27. The goal of both holidays is to celebrate these sleek, beautiful creatures.

How can I celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day?

There are countless ways you can celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day. One easy thing to do is adopt a black cat. If you cannot adopt a cat, you can encourage others to do so.

Another thing you can do is to read “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe. It’s a short story that deals with the psychology of guilt. It’s also, surprisingly, one of Poe’s darkest tales.

You could also volunteer at a local cat shelter. Make sure to give the black cats there get some extra love on their special day.

Show your love for Black Cats this August 17

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a great chance to celebrate black cats while creating fun opportunities for your audience. Besides spreading awareness about black cats, the goal of the holiday should be to grow your audience and increase leads to your website.

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