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Communications Toolkit to Safeguard Your Brand

No channel is as valuable (or as volatile) to your communications strategy as social media. With its massive audience reach, unpredictable nature and ephemeral trends, planning for all possible scenarios on social is imperative.

We created this toolkit to enable you to manage, plan for and communicate through every major brand event on social. Use our communications plan templates and webinar to refine and maximize your communications strategy so you can grow your brand while mitigating risk.

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What you'll find in this toolkit

Drive brand awareness

An effective communication plan fuels your social content strategy and empowers you to reach and engage the right people. By defining your key messaging, target audiences, distribution channels and roadmap, you will be prepared to boost your brand’s reputation where it counts.

Document policies & crisis protocol

When a crisis strikes, it’s best to have a clear plan already laid out. It’s even better to have protocols in place that prevent crises to begin with. Learn how to build a proactive social media policy and a social media crisis management plan that will help you navigate your brand’s most critical moments.

Unlock data insights

Analyzing and applying social data is vital to executing a successful corporate communications strategy. Learn how you can access these powerful insights, filter out the noise and use them to build advocacy and fortify your reputation.