Did you know that there are around 60 million pet cats in the United States.

Pet owners like to distinguish themselves as dog people or cat people, and both have strong arguments.

However, there is no doubt that the independent feline has won over its fair share of humans over the years. Especially online. Nothing draws attention on the Internet as much as a cute cat pic or funny video.

That is why National Cat Day is an excellent reason to celebrate all of our weird and wonderful kitties. It is also a fantastic way to engage your audience and have them click for more.

Keep reading to learn all about Cat Day.

What Is the history of National Cat Day?

Cats, kittens, and celebrity felines have been breaking the Internet for years.

However, it wasn’t always that way. Many people have long thought cats are too independent and incapable of loving their owners in the same way as dogs.

Cats are considered less tame than their tail-wagging doggy counterparts. They also actively choose to be semi-domesticated when it suits them.

Many of their behaviors are still a mystery to us. Some of these antics, like leaping and stalking and pouncing, or even sitting in a tiny box, make perfect Internet fodder for a viral post.

There is no doubt a cat is a loving, entertaining, and easy-to-care-for pet.

However, they also breed rapidly, and millions find themselves in shelters. In their semi-domesticated modern worlds, there is plenty of suffering.

That is why, in 2005, pet and lifestyle expert Colleen Paige started the celebration of National Cat Day on October 29.

How to celebrate National Cat Day

The goal of National Cat Day is not only to celebrate pet cats. It is to encourage responsible pet ownership.

This means spaying and neutering your cats. It also means educating yourself on the negative impacts of buying cats from pet mills and unscrupulous breeders.

National Cat Day encourages adoption above all else. The goal is to educate the world about all things that improve the plight of cats. The best cats are loved cats.

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You can celebrate your own cat with new stimulating toys and treats and extra cuddles.

How businesses can celebrate National Cat Day

Cats are one of the most popular topics on the Internet, and National Cat Day is an amazing opportunity to engage your social media followers.

One of the best things you can do is post adorable pictures of your favorite cat with the hashtag #NationalCatDay.

You can also:

  • Publish posts encouraging cat adoption
  • Encourage your followers to spay and neuter their pets
  • Set up a competition with prizes for cat adoption
  • Encourage donations of food, toys, and blankets to shelters


You can also contact local pet shelters for details on particular cats that have been struggling to find a forever home and share these on your social media page.

Get Your Followers to Celebrate Our Furry Felines

You may not need a reason to give your pet cat extra love and attention. However, National Cat Day is an excellent opportunity to tell the world and your followers about the importance of protecting our kitties.

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National Cat Day FAQ

What is National Cat Day?

National cat day is a special day to mark the importance of our feline friends. The goal is to educate people about the struggles cats face. It is also a great opportunity to give our pets some extra love.

When is National Cat Day?

In the United States, the holiday takes place on October 29. Other countries have their own days celebrating cats on different dates.

There is also an International Cat Day on August 8, and a day celebrating only black cats on August 17.