Did you know that the average American eats around 20 pounds of pasta in the course of a year? That’s a lot of noodles!

The world loves pasta. Made from a combination of wheat flour and water (and eggs if you’re making pasta fresh), pasta is one of the most versatile foods around. Whether you add tomato sauce, cream sauce, meat, or cheese—the list of what you can add is endless—pasta makes a great dish.

With all the different taste sensations you can create with pasta, it’s no wonder it has its own special day, National Pasta Day. When is National Pasta Day, you ask? This holiday is celebrated on October 17th.

Keep reading to learn all about this amazing, delectable food.

History of pasta

Many people believe Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy after his travels to China in the 13th century. However, there is evidence that Arabs brought pasta to parts of Europe before that, including Italy. A mention of pasta was put on the record in 1154 in Sicily, Italy.

Spanish settlers who came to the US in the 15th century brought pasta with them. Macaroni was introduced in the 1700s when Thomas Jefferson tasted some in France and brought some back to the US. So entranced with pasta was he that Jefferson also brought back a pasta-making machine.

Italian immigrants to the US in the 1800s ensured that pasta became a household staple, and it remains so to this day. Though it may not have originated there, pasta is deeply associated with Italy. Italians eat three times more pasta per year than Americans!

Types of pasta

There are more than 350 different types of pasta. The shape of the pasta noodle gives it its name. For example, farfalle means butterfly in Italian, giving a name to butterfly-shaped pasta (also known as bowtie pasta).

The most popular types of pasta are macaroni, spaghetti, and penne. And pasta isn’t just fun to eat. There are benefits to eating pasta—whole grain noodles provide energy and fiber.

Many people like to eat out at Italian restaurants, but pasta can easily be made at home. The pasta maker Jefferson brought back from France has improved over the years. With a batch of dough, homemade spaghetti, fettuccine, or linguine is ready in no time.

Promoting pasta day on social media

Are you a social media marketer looking to promote pasta? There are many ways to share the love.

Home cooks love finding new recipes to try out. Post pictures of dishes to try. Be sure to note how to incorporate your brand’s pasta.

Introduce your followers to a shape of pasta they may not be familiar with. Everyone recognizes macaroni, but what about fusilli or cavatappi?

Follow the trends. In 14 different states, the top pasta dish search is for fettuccine Alfredo. Understanding what’s popular can help anchor a social media push.

Celebrate pasta with Your followers

It’s possible your followers have never heard of National Pasta Day. This October, provide insights on the best pasta to buy or make, present recipes for your favorite sauces and share what you’ve learned about pasta.

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Pasta Day FAQs

When is National Pasta Day?

National Pasta Day is observed on October 17th. (World Pasta Day is just 8 days later on October 25th.) You may wonder what day is National Pasta Day. In 2022, this holiday falls on a Monday.

When Did National Pasta Day Begin?

No one really knows who started National Pasta Day. It was established in 1995.

How Can I Celebrate?

Eat some pasta! Pick your favorite pasta and toppings and celebrate the existence of this delightful food.