While the major changes seem to have subsided, Facebook continues making minor tweaks aimed at improving user experience and creating continuity across its platform.

Every post on Facebook has a unique URL — called a permalink — that displays the content by itself — similar to Twitter’s timestamp. This comes in handy when sharing or referencing specific public posts.

Previously the social network displayed this content on a white background, but the design has been updated to more closely match Timeline. Now individual posts are displayed on a light blue background. The background of Facebook ads and other modules have also been changed, creating consistency in design across the site.

As part of the latest update, Facebook has also added Like and Subscribe buttons to permalink pages. These options will appear from Pages and people that members are not yet connected to. It’s important to note that this only applies to link and text-only posts; it’s unclear if we can expect the same to be applied to photos and Facebook Questions.

Although subtle, the addition of Like and Subscribe buttons could help your Page gain more Likes and new subscribers. It helps to create more awareness among an audience that otherwise might not have seen your Page.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: alkruse24]