As a brand, you might get overwhelmed with all of your social media channels, users and different audiences. Everything put together can be challenging if you have tens of thousands of followers on each network. However, what about the people who have millions of followers?

More likely than not, you probably personally follow at least one celebrity Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account. Now more than ever, celebrity social media management becomes a bigger importance for those who manage millions of followers.

It’s All About Your Social Media Brand

Just like a brand, celebrities also have a reputation and online presence to maintain in order to increase and maximize their audience. Once celebrities get to a certain audience size, that enormous group of followers becomes a great place to market your new movies, music, events and personal brands.

No matter who you are, audience growth is difficult unless you’ve gone completely viral. However, there are thousands of Instagram and Twitter users who manage massive followings without truly being a celebrity. Just like in real life, there are numerous people trying to make a name for themselves on social media by growing their audience.

Maintaining a Social Voice

If you’re already managing a large social media audience, you need to know how to maintain a social voice so followers keep coming back for more content. Sadly in today’s world, our attention spans are extremely limited. In fact, a National Center for Biotechnology Information at the US National Library of Medicine study discovered human attention spans dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013.

Social media has a big part in that as the majority of smartphone users check their devices at least 150 times a day. This means your content has to be fresh and exciting. Most celebrities with massive social audiences gained those followers by having their own unique content available on specific social media channels.

Whether you’re looking for Leonardo DiCaprio Tweets, Justin Bieber attempting skateboarding on Instagram or Kylie Jenner’s Snaps, these celebrities have a schtick when it comes to content. For those managing huge audiences, you have to do the same by maintaining a great social voice. This is done by:

  • Posting unexpected Tweets.
  • Giving a glimpse into private lives.
  • Posting beautiful content.
  • Behind the scenes action at major events.
  • Posting everyday content.
  • Sticking to a narrative.

Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari creates a narrative with his Instagram by commonly photographing food dishes and his adventures while traveling. Ansari’s content is great to scroll through because it’s well planned and organized.

As a celebrity, growing your brand on social media should always be an open avenue. However, to do it successfully, you have to follow the best celebrity social media management tactics for building a great audience and voice.

Engaging With Fans

One of the main reasons why celebrity social media accounts are so popular is due to engagement. In the years before social media, people got their gossip on celebrity information on TV, websites and in magazines. Now anyone can follow big celebrities, sports stars, actors/actresses and even the President.

Audiences are coming to you to get a sneak peak into your life, but also with the chance to interact or engage with you. Take a look through any major celebrity feed and hundreds of people @mention or converse with the celebrity account even though they’re likely not to respond.

Even if it’s messing with some followers, it’s still good to interact. Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, does a great job poking fun at some of his followers when they send unpleasant messages. Looking through Rodger’s feed, this is one of the higher engaged posts because he actually responded back to a fan.

People simply love the opportunity to Tweet, message or tag celebrities, which means it’s critical to engage with fans every now and then. Taylor Swift is pretty active on social media by responding to friends, fans and other musicians on Instagram or Twitter. Her audience is so involved with what she likes that there’s even an unofficial Instagram handle @taylornoticed, which regrams or screenshots Twitter conversations Swift has with other people. This fan account has more than 64,000 followers alone.

If this tells you anything, it’s that engagement builds audiences and again, keeps viewers coming back for more content. With an alert and attentive audience, you can easily push important information, product updates or general news that ultimately builds your brand.

A Better Way to Manage Social

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Using the Right Social Media Network

Celebrity social media management tactics often depends on which network works best in their favor, the Wall Street Journal reported. For each social media channel, there’s a different star. For example, the largest audiences on each social media network are:

So as you can see, each social media network has a different person with the most engagement. This means you have to consider things like social media demographics when you’re building out your audience. People go to networks for different things, but it’s smart to know what demographics drive certain platforms.

However, this isn’t to say you can’t do well on two different social media networks or that you should only stick to one. But depending on how you want to build your audience and the purpose of your site, you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Managing All Your Platforms in One

As we mentioned earlier, managing all your social media platforms can be a struggle when you have hundreds of thousands of followers. You need something that easily directs your messages so you don’t double post, post the wrong information or mix up your networks.

Luckily, with Sprout Social, there’s not a brand or celebrity too big. With our single-stream, all-in-one inbox, social media management becomes efficient, organized and stress free. In addition, our social media analytics are built to track your followers engagements so you know where you’re succeeding and what areas could use improvement.

Preventing Social Media Mistakes

Whether you’re a star athlete or brand influencer, you want to make sure your messages are well planned so you don’t accidentally Tweet or post the wrong thing to Facebook. If you’re working with a social media manager, publishing tools like message approval allows each message, photo or video to be approved before it goes out.

This could prevent a lot of mishaps that commonly happen on social media. Celebrity social media management is about building audiences and nothing hurts your follower count more than unplanned or unedited posts that are sent without another set of eyes.

Think Like a Social Media Manager

While it’s nice to have someone review, edit, organize and approve messages before they’re sent out, you don’t truly need a person for this when you use a single-stream inbox. Social media managers are talented at keeping things organized and scheduled, but with tools like Sprout Social, you can easily manage multiple social media accounts from a single platform so you’re in control of what goes out.

Additionally, it’s smart to think like a social media manager so you’re always on top of your social activities. See which social media type you are with our infographic the 7 Types of Social Media Managers. Take control of all your networks by moving into one feed that organizes and supports your most active social platforms.

Our easy-to-use tools can also give you insights on hashtags or keywords trending around your brand. You can also use things like ViralPost to sent out content when your followers are most engaged with your content. Why not take advantage of getting the most eyes on your content with a tool distinctly built to help just that?

Don’t Just Be a Social Media Ad

When your followers come to your social media pages, people don’t want to be bogged down with a million ads, product placements and brand shout-outs. Instead you have to find a balance between posting regular and promoted content. This will keep you from over-saturating your audience with content they don’t want to see.

Audiences follow celebrities, athletes and stars to get a more honest picture of their life and what they go through on a daily basis. When celebrity accounts are humanized, the engagement is much higher. DJ Khaled has made himself a Snapchat star by simply sending positive messages throughout the day and famously talking about the keys to success. He’ll often be eating breakfast, watering his plants or working out, but his message is fun, positive and entertaining.

While the content seems mundane, his viewers continue to grow because of his glimpse into his life–and it’s especially good when he gets lost in the open waters with only his personal watercraft and smartphone to Snap the experience.

Keep the Red Carpet Flowing

By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep adding to your followers by getting better social media engagement skills. Try to figure out what sets you apart from the rest and think about what quality content you can provide over the same old posts.

We’d appreciate to know what you think it takes to manage a massive social media audience, so feel free to comment below!