The virtual community creates space for social and marketing professionals to connect, share knowledge and fast-track their careers


CHICAGO, April 24, 2023 – Social media professionals and marketing executives increasingly face pressure to deliver transformative business results while keeping up with the latest industry trends and news. To empower them to navigate these challenges and create a larger impact across their organizations, Sprout Social, an industry-leading provider of cloud-based social media management software, today announced the launch of The Arboretum, a community platform for social and marketing professionals to connect with peers, learn new skills, and exchange actionable advice.

The community is open to all marketers at no cost. Members have access to networking and educational opportunities, and the ability to connect with like-minded peers—from practitioners to C-suite executives. Members will also have access to exclusive events featuring a variety of keynote speakers from leading brands, peer discussions on current trends in content and social strategy, and advice on best practices for achieving their goals.

“Mentorship has been one of the most valuable resources in advancing my career, and the impact of having access to a community of industry experts cannot be understated,” said Jamie Gilpin, CMO, Sprout Social. “Our collective knowledge is a powerful asset that will help marketers across the globe inform org-wide business strategies while leveling up their skills and careers. We’re excited to see how the community will turn shared insights into action.”

Sprout customers who join The Arboretum will receive benefits including previews of product and feature releases and the ability to submit product ideas and feedback directly to the Sprout product team. Whether members are Sprout customers or not, everyone who joins will benefit from rewards and recognition, the ability to source potential candidates or find career opportunities, and more.

“My community managers and I have been able to connect with other social media professionals across a wide variety of different industries to ask questions and have a safe space to share frustrations, or ask for help,” said current member Amanda Scriver, Associate Manager, Community Engagement, Klick. “Every month there are lots of news updates and events that provide a pulse check on trends in the industry, which help my community managers and I stay up-to-date and adapt our strategies accordingly. Overall, the Arboretum is an excellent community to network with peers, learn from experts, and stay ahead of the curve.”

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