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Set Clear Standards With an Employee Social Media Policy Template

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We all know that a poorly timed or worded social media post can snowball into a brand crisis within minutes. Using a social media policy will help avoid a public relations avalanche.

A well-crafted social media policy can do much more than protect your brand’s reputation—it protects your company’s security, privacy and legal interests. The internet never forgets, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

An effective social media policy also supports your employee advocacy content strategy. When employees post about a company on social media, it can improve brand awareness, drive qualified leads and establish thought leadership.

We’ve created a customizable social media policy template to help you build rules and protocols for representing your brand online including:

  • Personal account do’s and don’ts
  • Security and privacy guidelines
  • Company association rules

Our social media policy template is a starting point for creating standards that will protect and grow your business. Empower your employees with the right guidance so they have the space to advocate for themselves while staying true to the brand and its values online.

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