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An Employee Spotlight Template for Celebrating Your Team

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An employee spotlight—or “meet the team” series—can be more than just a gesture of appreciation to your colleagues. When done strategically, they’re also a powerful tool for recruitment, brand management and employee engagement. This social media employee spotlight template pack will help you create a series that generates engagement and builds your employer brand.

We created this collection of customizable staff spotlight templates to guide your approach from start to finish. In this guide, find:

  • A process checklist to help you stay organized across teams
  • A sample 12-month content calendar for your employee spotlight series
  • Employee spotlight questions to guide asset creation
  • Briefs that support asset creation across a variety of different formats—including static images, short-form video and long-form video.

These templates are just the starting point. Make a copy of the employee spotlight template and personalize it to your team needs, processes and company goals to start your employee spotlight series on social today.

What is an employee spotlight?

An employee spotlight series is a regular feature that highlights and celebrates individual employees while offering a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work for the company. These posts are typically shared through social media, company websites and internal newsletters.

How do you write an employee spotlight?

Writing an employee spotlight involves more than just interviewing a colleague and drafting up a quick post. If you want to create a scalable process, you need to create a structured process up front.

One of the team spotlight templates included in this collection will walk you through the process of creating your first feature. You’ll learn how to set goals, source your stories and decide on your first featured team member. We also share how to navigate the internal approval process so you can capture and distribute your content without a hitch.

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