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Build a Business Case for Social Media Resources [Free Template]

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Despite the growing recognition of social media as an essential marketing channel, securing budget and resources continues to be one of the top challenges that social marketers face. Social teams have the potential to make a greater business impact through their work, but 41% of marketers say they need executive buy-in to get it done (Source: 2020 Sprout Social Index™).

If you have an idea for a solution to a major challenge or a new social campaign, you’ll need to build a marketing business case to get your leaders on board. Whether you need a bigger budget, analytics tools or a new team member, this business case guide and template will help you brainstorm ideas, prepare your pitch and think like an executive.

As you work through this template, you’ll answer critical questions meant to challenge and strengthen your ideas. When you’ve completed this exercise, you’ll have a compelling foundation for your proposal that includes the following business case elements:

  • The executive summary
  • The challenge you’re aiming to solve
  • Your proposed solution
  • The cost and resources required
  • The risks and rewards
  • And more!

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