As brands begin to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, eager shoppers are awaiting news of sales. But brands on Facebook might want to step it up a notch, as only a small percentage of campaigns are focused on money-saving promotions.

The marketing firm Yesmail Interactive polled 500 consumers about their online and offline purchasing activity, and studied the digital marketing campaigns of 20 leading brands — including Amazon, Apple, Macy’s, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Wal-Mart.

The company found that 34 percent of respondents have purchased a product as a result of a promotion they saw on social media. Despite that, only eight percent of Facebook campaigns highlights money-saving deals, such as free shipping or discounts. You can easily expand your reach with Facebook Offers or Promoted Posts.

Social media presence carries a lot of weight with consumers, especially around the holidays when people are looking for gift recommendations and deals. According to the study, 50 percent of online purchases and 42 percent of in-store purchases are “somewhat to strongly” influenced by social media.

Yesmail also recommended having community managers monitor your social media channels during off hours (6pm to 2am) during the holiday season. Forty-two percent of consumers prefer the 6pm to 10pm time slot for brand interaction, compared with 17 percent for the 2pm to 6pm and 10pm to 2am time slots.

Holiday shopping doesn’t just put an extra strain on retailers working the sales floor. Be sure that your marketing and social media teams are prepared for the upcoming season.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: djLicious]