Every year on July 4, Americans gather together to celebrate the day the United States declared independence from Great Britain. While the Declaration of Independence is an essential document for United States citizens, there are other critical dates to celebrate. The United States Constitution was signed in 1787, but the document took over 200 years to get its own holiday.

Constitution Day is held on September 17 every year. Constitution Day recognizes the adoption of the Constitution and celebrates those who’ve become citizens.

Constitution Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate America and connect with your target audience. This guide will discuss what you need to know about the holiday and how you can promote it on your social media channels.

Constitution day history

US Constitution Day falls on September 17 each year. On that day in 1787, the delegates at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia signed the document. If the holiday falls on another holiday or the weekend, the holiday is celebrated on the closest weekday.

Constitution Day is a federally recognized holiday. The law that established the holiday was made in 2004. Senator Robert Byrd passed an amendment to the Omnibus spending bill to enact the holiday.

Before the law was established, the holiday was called Citizenship Day. Citizenship Day was previously celebrated each year on the third Sunday in May. The amendment renamed the holiday Constitution Day and moved the date to the anniversary of the Constitution’s signing.

The act also mandated that federal agencies and publically funded schools provide educational materials on the history of the Constitution that day. The United States Department of Education announced in May 2005 the enactment of the law. The department also said that the law applied to any school that received federal funding.

What’s the importance of Constitution Day?

Constitution Day is as essential as Presidents’ Day and Independence Day. It’s a vital component of the heritage of the United States.

The holiday recognizes how vital the American experiment was. It also showcases the success of a country of free people whose liberties and rights are protected by a Constitution.

How to celebrate Constitution Day

Celebrating Constitution Day can be just as fun as celebrating any other holiday. Promote various Constitution Day activities on your social media accounts to engage with your viewers. Some of the activities you can talk about include:

  • Reading the Constitution
  • Attending a parade
  • Taking the US citizenship test
  • Visiting a colonial reenactment
  • Cooking a recipe from the colonial era
  • Learn about the founding fathers

How to advertise constitution day

There are many ways you can celebrate and advertise Constitution Day on your business’s social media accounts. Showing your patriotism is a great way to interact with your followers.

Sign the constitution

Although you can’t sign the actual Constitution, you can encourage your followers to sign the document digitally. Signing the document will help your followers feel more connected to the country while increasing engagement on your posts.

Share education information

Many social media accounts for federal agencies and schools will be sharing information about the Constitution. Use that as an opportunity to reshare their posts.

You should also make educational posts about Constitution Day. Find fun facts about the Constitution and the country’s founding to share with your audience. Some fun facts include:

  • The Constitution has over 4,000 words
  • The document is the shortest and oldest Constitution of any other major government
  • There are many spelling errors in the document
  • “Pennsylvania” is spelled as “Pensylvania” directly above the signer’s names
  • Thomas Jefferson didn’t sign the document
  • Jacob Shallus penned the document for $30, which is $726 in today’s money
  • James Madison is the father of the Constitution
  • Benjamin Franklin needed help signing the Constitution due to poor health

Utilize hashtags

Different hashtags will trend around Constitution Day, such as #ConstitutionDay. Hashtags play an important role in increasing interest in your social media posts. Instagram and Twitter are the two most common platforms that utilize hashtags.

Users can search for posts that incorporate trending hashtags into their posts. Users can find posts and accounts that are relevant to their interests. They can also interact with other people who share their interests.

Using a trending hashtag on Constitution Day can get included in the conversations on social media. Your content will be more viewable to those searching for that hashtag. Increase visibility on your social media accounts by using more than one hashtag on your post.

Show your patriotism by celebrating Constitution Day

While Constitution Day isn’t as widely celebrated as Independence Day, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to teach your followers about the Constitution. You’ll have the chance to promote a federally recognized holiday while engaging with your social media followers. Show your pride in being a United States citizen by celebrating Constitution Day.

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Constitution Day FAQ

When Is Constitution Day?

Constitution Day in the US is on September 17. It’s fallen on this day since the holiday was founded in 2004.

What Is Constitution Day?

Constitution Day is a day to celebrate your American citizenship and honor the delegates who signed the Constitution. It’s also a day where schools and federal agencies share educational information about the Constitution.

What Day Was the Constitution Signed?

The United States Constitution got signed on September 17, 1787. It was signed in Philadelphia by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention.

Why Do We Celebrate Constitution Day?

Constitution Day is a day to celebrate the Constitution and the citizens of the United States. It’s also an opportunity to recognize the importance of our country’s founding.