Did you know 54,400 photos are taken every second? We’re a world of photo lovers.
What do we do with all the images we’ve taken? A large proportion, 95 million photos a day, to be precise, are shared on Instagram.

If you’re a photo fanatic, you should know about World Photography Day. This special day is an opportunity to share your love of photography. Join together with thousands of other blossoming photographers and get your social media aligned with the world’s most famous photography event.
You’ve come to the right place if you want to know the answer to the questions when is World Photography Day, and how can your social media accounts get involved?

The history of World Photography Day

The first World Photography Day took place on August 19, 2010. A curated online photograph gallery launched the event. The gallery showcased the works of 250 photographers, and viewing hits came from over 100 countries.

You may be wondering: why do we celebrate World Photography Day on August 19? On this date in 1939, the French government purchased a patent for the Daguerreotype process. Louis Daguerre developed this groundbreaking photography process, which was later offered free to the world via the patent.

Unlike modern-day photographs, daguerreotypes were cast onto solid metal plates. It was the first commercially successful photography system. For many photographers, it was the turning point and the subsequent creation of many types of photography.

How your business can promote celebrating World Photography Day

World Photography Day is the perfect opportunity to release or re-release your favorite business photographs. Businesses also run photography competitions for social media followers to enter. There are many opportunities to explore; check out these below.

Showcase product features on social media

Photographs are guaranteed to secure more follower interaction. For example, Motorola encouraged customers to utilize the full range of Motorola camera settings to capture a perfect shot. In return, they were rewarded with an influx of user-generated content, feedback, and interaction.
World Photography Day 2022 is the perfect opportunity to tell the story of your business through photos. Brand storytelling is an important skill for any social media manager.

Share photography tips

The way we take photos is changing. As sites such as Instagram and TikTok continue to grow, more people are interested in the technical details behind photos. So, why not share how you take your business photos?

If you have professional photographers on the team, ask them to divulge the photo settings. Then, you could run a series of photography tips for your followers and release them online to garner attention.
Offer Discounts at Your Business

Invite clients to your establishment to enjoy a discount. This approach will work well if you have a cafe or a restaurant. When clients arrive, request they take a picture, follow your socials, and tag for a discount on their purchases.

As a direct result, you’ll increase followers and improve interactions through World Photography Day.

How to celebrate World Photography Day

You can participate in World Photography Day as an individual. Simply following the World Photography Day hashtag is enough to be inspired by other people’s shots. There is something everyone can enjoy, from up close and personal animal shots to architecture.

Submit your photos to a competition

Consider submitting a photo to the official World Photography Day competition. There are different categories to apply for, and winners receive fantastic prizes.

Keep an eye on travel-related companies because they often run online competitions in August to coincide with World Photography Day. You would need to share your best wanderlust travel image.

In addition, camera accessory companies may offer equipment if you win their World Photography Day competitions. For example, K&F Concept gave the winner of their 2021 World Photography Day competition a carbon filter tripod.

World Photography DayWorld Photography Day

Print your pictures

On average, people will have 630 photos on their mobile phones. However, they are at risk of being lost forever if you misplace your device and don’t have a backup.
So, look back over the photos you’ve taken and get them printed. You can be creative with how you print them. For example, put high-quality pictures onto canvas, create photo album books or even print them onto cushions.

Take more pictures

Head to classic Instagram spots in your local area and take some selfies. Knowing where to go can be challenging, but a photo location app is now available. So, if you don’t know local spots or want to travel further afield, download Depalo.

It will show you nearby worthy photo spots using GPS. Remember to be inventive with your photography ideas if you want to stand out from the crowd.

World Photography Day: Frequently asked questions

Ensure you have all the necessary information to post about World Photography Day. Start early to build social media interactions that culminate on the final day. Here is the basic information.

When Is World Photography Day?

World Photography Day is on August 19 across the globe. It’s been running since 2010.

What is World Photography Day?

World Photography Day celebrates the history and future of photography. It showcases and celebrates everything from the first Daguerreotype shots to modern-day smartphone images.

Which countries participate in World Photography Day?

People from every country are welcome to submit their photographs to World Photography Day. On the first World Photography Day, over 100 countries took part.

Spread your business story through World Photography Day

Celebrating World Photography Day will encourage new followers and interaction on your social media. Have a strong focus on the power of images during this time.

Follow our tips to encourage a sense of inclusion with your business. Whether you manage a camera shop or a cafe, get involved with World Photography Day this year.

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