In a 1910 article for the Los Angeles Times, a writer suggested laziness promotes invention. Do you think laziness is a positive thing?

On August 10, America will celebrate Lazy Day. It is the one day in the year when it’s acceptable to be lazy nationwide. So you could take the day off, sit in front of your television and see whether inspiration hits you.

Or, you could read this article to learn about National Lazy Day and how to tie it into your social media posts.

The history of National Lazy Day

There is an ongoing joke about the mystery of National Lazy Day’s origins. We know little about how this unique event came to be celebrated nationwide. The founders have not stepped forwards to make themselves known or take credit.

This conundrum makes us presume they were too busy enjoying their laziness to write anything about the day. Even the year of the first National Lazy Day is unknown. However, we’ve found no evidence of it existing in the ’90s, so it’s a creation since the 2000s.

What to do on National Lazy Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Lazy Day, although doing nothing seems to be the most popular. The term lazy has negative connotations of being unwilling to work, but it can also encompass wellness and self-care.

In fact, research suggests that lazy people are more likely to be successful. So, here are some ways to celebrate National Lazy Day this year.

Celebrate with friends

Invite your friends to your house to enjoy couch karaoke. Choose your favorite songs and sing along to them on YouTube. Of course, Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song” should be on the playlist.

During August in America, the sun sets at 8 p.m., so you can enjoy lazing around after work with friends.

Celebrate at work

National Lazy Day is an excellent opportunity for a team lunch or social. If you’re the boss, offer your team an extended lunch break and provide a buffet meal. Your team will be touched by the mid-week break.

You could also host a raffle with prizes like a spa day or a computer game. Invite staff to come into the office on the day wearing the ultimate lazy attire; pajamas. Similar events, such as No Pants Day, are a success and it will undoubtedly give you lots of social media content.

Celebrate by yourself

If you are alone on National Lazy Day, it’s time to put your feet up. Fill your day doing all the things you find rewarding, but require less physical exertion.

For example, try to paint a picture or watch your favorite movies in a marathon. A self-indulgent food delivery order is a must for National Lazy Day. Being in your loungewear is also highly recommended.

How your business can promote celebrating National Lazy Day

As we’ve mentioned, you can choose to focus on being lazy, or if that’s off-brand, focus on wellness. For example, Portland State University Wellness and Health Action Team posted suggested activities for how to have a lazy day under the banner “It’s okay to do nothing.”

Share your favorite relaxation tips

Sharing your hints and tips about switching off post-work is perfect for National Lazy Day social media. Whether you like to take bubble baths or listen to classical music, there are many suggestions to offer.

You can also promote your products or services by getting creative and tying this holiday in with your offering, especially if it helps ease workflow similar to what DragDropr does here:


Share delicious comfort food recipes

What food do you think of when you want to be lazy? Do you reach for the chocolate? Social media posts can focus on soul food ideal for lazy couch days.

You could also try out various lazy recipes in popular cookbooks or promote delicious food items from your menu like Mexican food restaurant Miguel’s Jr:

Share facts for National Lazy Day

There has been a lot of research on laziness and productivity. In addition, scientists have been trying to find the cause of laziness. They suggest it stems from capability deficiency and lack of interest.

However, some psychologists claim that laziness doesn’t exist and instead identifies a person’s barriers. So, look around the internet and unearth facts you can use in your social media posts. Here are a few examples:

  • While 94% of American agree with recycling, less than 35% of us do it
  • Research suggests that being lazy may increase your life expectancy
  • Americans do 30 minutes less exercise daily than those living 200 years ago

Try to find recent research to keep your social media posts topical. Avoid overused statistics that add no value for your followers.

National Lazy Day frequently asked questions

Alongside celebrating with friends and family, some people choose to turn their phones off. That might not be good for your social media engagement, so start your promotions the day before at targeted times. You can answer these simple questions in the lead-up to National Lazy Day.

When Is National Lazy Day?

National Lazy Day takes place on August 10 in the United States. Some other countries, such as the UK, also celebrate.

What Is National Lazy Day?

National Lazy Day is an opportunity to kick off your shoes and do nothing. Businesses and individuals focus on relaxation and wellness activities.

Prepare your social media for National Lazy Day in advance

If you’re advocating relaxation for National Lazy Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to schedule your posts. Then, you can follow your own advice to relax on National Lazy Day and let Sprout Social do the hard work. It’s also a chance to inject a bit of humor and heartwarming messages into your social media.

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