Who’s ready to celebrate the creamiest day of the year? Desserts wouldn’t be the same without cheesecakes that range from tangy key lime to chocolate and the humble plain baked cheesecake. Sales of cheesecake top $400 million per year in this country.

National Cheesecake Day has actually been around since 1985. Since then, Americans have found all sorts of creative ways to celebrate this fun holiday.

The basics behind National Cheesecake Day

When is National Cheesecake Day? Since 1985, Americans who appreciate this important dessert have celebrated this holiday on July 30. Cheesecake day has proven so popular that people celebrate the day around the world.

The history of cheesecakes dates nearly more than 2,000 years back. The earliest cheesecakes are believed to have been developed by Ancient Greeks around 200 A.D.

Technically, that’s the earliest use of cheesecake that we know of because it was the first instance where the soft cheesecake recipes were written down.

The dessert traveled around the world. In Italy, it was made from mild ricotta cheese.

In Germany, the cakes are made from a special cheese called quark. Americans tend to use cream cheese.

Cheesecake truly developed into something worth celebrating. This July, thousands of Instagram and TikTok users will be following #NationalCheesecakeDay.

Cheesecake 101

Cheesecake is a dessert. Chefs make it from crust and cheese filling. Sometimes, it can be made without a crust.

Fun fact: Cheesecake actually isn’t a cake. It doesn’t have to be baked.

The base is made from crushed cookies, graham crackers, sponge cake or some sort of pastry. The filling is usually made from a soft cheese that contains cream cheese, eggs and sugar.

Cheesecake is typically flavored. You can find it made with strawberry, lime, pumpkin, toffee and other flavor options. Chefs love topping cheesecakes with whipped cream, fruit, syrup, sauces and even nuts.

Across the country, you can find a range of cheesecake varieties. New York-style cheesecake tends to be creamy and rich with heavy notes of sour cream.

Philadelphia-style cheesecake tends to be richer in flavor and lighter texturally. North America also has Chicago-style, farmer cheese, Dutch-style and others.

Although the Greeks developed the first cheesecakes, the American variety is typically attributed to the English.

How to celebrate National Cheesecake Day

Celebrating cheesecake day is easy, fun and (most importantly) yummy! Try these fun ideas to celebrate cheesecake day.

Eat some cheesecake

It wouldn’t be cheesecake day without cheesecake. Grab a piece or a whole cake to-go. You can pick one up from a bakery (many offer great national cheesecake day deals!) and share it with the office.

Or get a boxed cake and enjoy it at home. There’s no wrong way to enjoy a cheesecake. Just get some yummy cheesecake into that belly!

Make a cheesecake

What’s more fun than eating cheesecake? Making one.

Whether you go simple or fancy, chefs make true cheesecakes from cream cheese, eggs and sour cream. The typical bake time is around two hours.

Bake slowly at a low temperature to keep it from cracking. This is the way specialty restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory make their cakes.

If you don’t want the hassle of baking, there are many no-bake recipes that you can try. These options use whipping cream, cream cheese and other ingredients that do not require eggs. They are still amazingly delicious!

National Cheesecake Day

Get creative

You can go with classic recipes. This special holiday may call for something different. Consider some of these creative options.
Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake uses cookie dough in the batter. Top of the results with chocolate chips to make a fun take on a classic.

Have you had a chocolate-covered cheesecake? This tasty strawberry flavored option is poured over graham cracker crust and finished with a chocolate ganache topping. It’s a dessert lover’s dream.

One American favorite incorporates peanut butter with Nutter Butter cookies for a yummy and tasty texture that will surprise guests. Garnish with peanut butter cookies.

Cannoli cheesecake is another fun option that brings out everyone’s inner Italian baker. The recipe uses ricotta and mascarpone cheese.

Place on a graham cracker crust and top with chocolate chips. Make a post about the results so all of your friends can see them.

Host a National Cheesecake Day gathering

Once you settle on the perfect cheesecake option, invite friends, family or neighbors to honor this holiday. Gathering friends gives you the option of asking them to bring a plain cheesecake. Invite them to a toppings bar to customize their cakes before indulging in the yummy results.

For your toppings bar, have fruit, candy, sauces and other toppings ready. Pie fillings often make for great topping spreads.

Try cherry, strawberry or blueberry. Fresh fruits also work incredibly well.

Plan a trip

You can also plan a trip around this holiday. New York City is the famed home to several cheesecake makers. Veniero’s Pasticceria and Cafe is an authentic Italian bakery in East Village that has been making cheesecakes since 1894.

Junior’s Restaurant has been around since 1950. The family-owned location started in Brooklyn and has spread to storefronts in other New York City locations.

National Cheesecake Day frequently asked questions

When is National Cheesecake Day?

National Cheesecake Day is celebrated July 30 every year. Whether you enjoy a classic cheesecake or a rich peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake, grab a slice when if you can.

Does each cheesecake flavor have its own celebration day?

Surprisingly, yes! There are several cheesecake flavors that have their own day of celebration.

  • For cherry lovers, National Cherry Cheesecake Day is April 23.
  • For a richer flavor, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day is October 21.
  • And for a perfect summer kickoff flavor, National Blueberry Cheesecake Day is May 26

Perhaps your favorite cheesecake flavor has its own national holiday!

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