If you have been waiting for National Ice Cream Day, it’s just around the corner. Whether your goal is to bring your loved ones together or silently relish the dessert, tasty ice cream is a reliable bet. This guide will help you find the best deals to enjoy a memorable festive day. Find out more about National Ice Cream Day.

When is National Ice Cream Day?

National Ice Cream Day is on July 17.

The history of National Ice Cream Day

To commemorate a treat liked by most Americans, President Ronald Reagan declared July the National Ice Cream Month in 1984. He initiated the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day.

Many Americans look forward to celebrating July 17 this year, thanks to President Ronald Reagan. Here are essential ice cream stats and facts you want to keep in mind:

  • In 2019, Americans produced approximately 6.4 billion pounds of frozen yogurt and ice cream.
  • According to IDFA’s Dairy Delivers®, the ice cream industry generates about $1.8 billion in remunerations and supports 28,800 jobs. Its impact on the country’s economy is $13.1 billion.
  • Commercial ice cream production began in Boston, U.S., in 1851
  • Over 90% of Americans consume ice cream
  • Each year, the American citizen consumes approximately 23 gallons of ice cream
  • Between 2017 and 2022, the United States’ annual market size grew by 1.9%
  • Industry experts expect the country’s production to expand by 0.7% in 2022
  • Most frozen dessert and ice manufacturers in the United States have been in the sector for over 50 years
  • Fortune Business Insights believe the global market for ice cream will hit $91.9 billion by 2027
  • The most popular frozen desserts category is regular ice cream

How did National Ice Cream Day get its start

National Ice Cream Day originated from 543 and 298 joint resolutions in the U.S. Presidential Proclamation 5219 by President Ronald Reagan, declared July 9 as the official celebration of National Ice Cream Day.

How your business can promote celebrating National Ice Cream Day

This great day brings joy and happiness to people’s lives. Whether having a bad day or sick, you can grab your favorite dessert and enjoy a get-together with your family and friends. Brands understand this, and many participate in the National Ice Cream Day in various ways, including:

Handing out free scoops

Many people gather together on National Ice Cream Day and feel honored to have ice cream with loved ones. Typically, many inform the public members about the available freebies and discounts through email marketing, web pages and posting on different social media platforms. Established brands have been at the forefront of making the day memorable.

Star Trek rolled out their Wrath of P’Khan ice cream truck for their fans with an engaging Tweet:


National Ice Cream Day is an opportunity for businesses to market their offers. They share favorite ice cream flavors and stories. Some brands enhance their creativity by partnering with reputable social media influencers and internet marketers to push their sales.

One of the excellent ways businesses get word to reach potential customers is by announcing discounts. They use platforms such as social media networks, podcasts, and blogs.

Printing store Allwag does this by promoting their ice cream-themed blog:

Using stock photos

Photography is gaining popularity in the marketing world. 68% of marketers plan to include more images in future marketing. During National Ice Cream Day, brands use visual creativity to emphasize ads.

Social media posts with images are effective and receive more attention. Articles with relevant photos attract more views than those without.

National Ice Cream Day hashtags

Brands advance their content by using hashtags on social media to engage ice cream lovers and fans. Popular hashtags include #IceCreamForLife, #IloveIceCream, #IceCreamDay, #IScreamYouScream, #NationalIceCreamDay2022 and #IceCreamForLife.

National Ice Cream deals

Maple View Farm

Visit Maple View Farm, located at Rocky Ridge Road, Hillsborough, on July 17 for outstanding milk, ice cream, and tasty dairy products. They provide window and drive-up service.

La Vita Dolce Expresso & Gelato Cafe

Southern Village’s La Vita Dolce offers exceptional sorbetto and gelato. They make them using fresh spices and fruits and import some ingredients from Italy. More offers include smoothies, wine, and Panini.

Eno River Farm

If you want fresh ice cream from the farm, head to Eno River Farm. You can also pick tulips, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries onsite.

Pincho Loco Ice Cream

You don’t want to miss out on Latin-style Pincho ice cream offers. Their unique flavors include Tamarind, Guava, Mexican Vanilla, and Tequila.

Lumpy’s Ice Cream

Lumpy’s has been giving customers the best ice cream experience since 2001. They source natural ingredients locally to provide full-flavored ice cream. Lumpy’s boasts of making their offers with hormone-free cream and milk from local farmers.

Creative Creamery

Enjoy over 24 ice cream flavors at Creative Creamery, including banana splits, milkshakes, and homemade waffle cones.


Locopops, at Hillsborough Road, Durham, provides amazing ice cream, pops, and ice cream sandwiches.

Howling Cow Dairy Education Center and Creamery

Howling cow belongs to N.C. State’s campus and it is part of the education center’s Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Department. They source the milk and cream from the school’s Raleigh farm.

Two Roosters Ice Cream

Two Roosters is known for introducing new flavors each month. Try Caramel ice cream, Granola, Buttery Crumb Cake, and Blueberry at Two Roosters during National Ice Cream Day.

How to celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Get in on the available deals

Many ice cream parlors and stores countrywide offer awe-inspiring ice cream treats, discounts, and freebies to ensure customers celebrate National Ice Cream Day in style. Check online or visit stores for ice cream deals as you wait for the big day.

Try home-made ice cream

If you have never tried homemade ice cream, National Ice Cream Day offers a fantastic opportunity. You can gather with your loved ones and showcase your ice cream-making skills. Get creative by adding favorites such as cookie dough, chocolate, or fruits. Sharing homemade ice cream with your family members and friends can be rewarding on this great day.

Engage your brand during National Ice Cream Day

As Americans wait to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, brands can’t ignore the conversation. Whether promoting your business, creating awareness, or announcing offers, the upcoming festive day is an opportunity to showcase what your brand stands to offer. Use it to engage your potential clients and unlock outstanding social media success.