The truth is out there! Sixty-five percent of Americans believe that intelligent life exists outside of Earth. 51% of Americans say that UFOs are probably or definitely proof of intelligent life.

World UFO Day is your best opportunity to celebrate UFOs and the Americans who search for them. Yet you shouldn’t rush into your celebrations. You need to know the facts so you mark the occasion in the right way.

What is World UFO Day, and when is World UFO Day? How have companies celebrated it in the past? What are some good ideas to celebrate it without coming off as too unscientific?

Answer these questions and you can prepare the perfect UFO Day celebrations. Here is your quick guide.

The basics of World UFO Day

World UFO Day is a holiday to commemorate UFO sightings and UFO theories. There is no organization that runs World UFO Day, but many ufologists celebrate the holiday.

The day takes place on June 24 or July 2. June 24 is the date that Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying discs in 1947. Newspapers across the country published Arnold’s report, igniting interest in UFOs.

July 2 is the date of the Roswell incident in 1947. July 2 is the most popular date for UFO Day due to the popularity of the Roswell incident.

You may have heard about World Contact Day. It’s a holiday that the International Flying Saucer Bureau organizes, in which all of its members meditate to send telepathic messages into outer space. It takes place on March 15.

You may also have heard about UFO Day or National UFO Day. These are alternate terms for World UFO Day.

A brief history of UFO Day

The history of UFOs dates back millennia. But UFO sightings took off in earnest during the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1896 and 1897, dozens of Americans reported seeing mystery airships.

Arnold’s report and the Roswell incident in 1947 made UFOs even more popular. Newspapers reported on sightings throughout the 1950s, and sightings began occurring throughout the world.

Media interest eventually died down, but ufologists continued to study and observe UFOs. In 2001, Haktan Akdogan celebrated the first UFO Day to raise awareness of the work of ufologists. The holiday quickly became popular amongst UFO researchers.

Social media, brand development and UFO Day

World UFO Day commands a lot of attention online. Searching for #WorldUFODay on Instagram or Twitter turns up thousands of posts, including from colleges, science organizations, and news websites.

Most of the posts are humorous in nature, and they do not actually promote ufology. To promote the science-fiction series Doctor Who in 2021, the BBC posted an image of the show’s time machine with the caption, “Taking a moment to appreciate our favorite Unidentified Flying Object.”

Other companies are more ambitious with their social media presence. UFO Gaming, an NFT gaming company, launched its first giveaway on World UFO Day in 2021. Followers could like, comment, and retweet the company’s content for a chance at winning $2,000.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to develop a humorous brand for your company, you should consider posting on World UFO Day. At a minimum, you can send a tweet wishing people well.

You can attach an image related to UFOs to your post. Many people are familiar with the Roswell incident, so you can share an image from that event. Figure out what your best times to post on social media are so you can capture the most impressions on your post.

But feel free to launch a giveaway or contest. This is a good way of increasing your followers’ engagement with your content. Keep the contest short-term and give the prize out soon after World UFO Day.

World UFO Day frequently asked questions

Many people ask questions about World UFO Day. The more you know about the occasion, the more informed your social media content can be.

When is World UFO Day?

There’s are two days that are remembered for World UFO Day that happen to be within 2 weeks of each other: June 24 and July 2.

Wait, are there actually aliens?

There is no definitive proof that intelligent life exists outside of planet Earth. Many people observe meteor showers, military aircraft and other phenomena and believe they have seen UFOs.

So don’t take World UFO Day too seriously. See it as an opportunity to have a little fun with UFO mythology and develop your brand.

Isn’t celebrating UFO Day unscientific?

Many established and credible scientific companies have commemorated World UFO Day., the Science Center of Iowa, and the University of Arizona have released articles celebrating the holiday. NASA scientists have spoken at National UFO Day events in museums and libraries throughout the country.

UFO Day may be too informal or silly for your company to promote. But sending out a tweet or sponsoring a party will not ruin your company’s ties to scientists.

What are ways to commemorate UFO Day?

Besides posting about the holiday online, you can celebrate in other ways. You can host a UFO watching party, going outside with telescopes to look for aliens. Take photos of this party and put them online so your followers can see you.

You can wear or sell UFO-themed apparel, including frisbees. If you want to run a fun contest within your company, you can ask your employees to make their own UFOs. Whoever makes the best one can win a prize.

The essentials of World UFO Day

World UFO Day is just around the corner. It takes place on July 2, though some people celebrate it on June 24. Ufologists have celebrated it since 2001, but many others commemorate the day through lighthearted tweets and social media posts.

You can write a short post or launch a campaign, as long as your tone is humorous. You can also throw a party and share posts about it to make your brand seem fun.

Consider adding UFO posts as one component of your social media strategy. Look into ways to adding these types of social media holidays into your social strategy.