Hashtags help people connect. They build communities, generate buzz for trending products and create new social media events known as hashtag holidays.

From #DressUpYourPetDay to #CustomerAppreciationDay, there are hundreds of hashtag holidays to choose from. By using the right ones, you can forge relationships with your ideal customers and reach your goals on social. But with so many options, it can be difficult to determine which ones are relevant for your brand and will resonate with your audience.

We’ve assembled a list of the top hashtag holidays for 2024. Read on to learn more about how to find the right social-specific holidays to spice up your calendar and brand examples that stood out to us from late 2022 and 2023.

Creating your hashtag holiday strategy

Step 1: Choose relevant hashtag holidays

First, it’s important to understand your brand’s social goals and objectives, and your audience’s needs before celebrating hashtag holidays that may not be relevant.

According to the latest edition of The Sprout Social Index, the main reason consumers follow brands on social is to stay informed about new products and services, so look for ways to tie hashtag holidays to your offerings. For example, it would be a stretch for a medical sales brand to share #NationalBookDay content, but a perfect fit for a library.

Be thoughtful about what holidays work for your brand and how to incorporate them into your social media calendar.

When determining which hashtags are right for your brand, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Does this hashtag seem like a natural fit for the brand?
  2. Will this hashtag holiday resonate with my audience?

Step 2: Use consumer data for decision-making

Leverage consumer data to back up your hashtag holiday strategy. It gives you the best insight into what resonates with your audience, what they’re talking about online and how you can tap into those conversations.

Begin by using a hashtag tracking tool like Sprout Social’s to understand the hashtags your audience already follows.

An example of keyword tracking using social listening in Sprout. Related keywords and hashtags appear.

Take it a step further by using social listening to analyze conversations around relevant topics. Using data points will give you the most accurate view of your audience’s behavior.

Social data can also help you understand how your customers use your product or service, what trends they’re interested in and their pain points.

Step 3: Research hashtag holidays before creating content

Once you identify the hashtag holidays that resonate with your audience, research the holidays so you can plan your content.

You should also investigate what your favorite brands are doing and how their hashtag holiday content performed in the previous year.

As the hashtag holiday nears, use refreshed listening data to uncover trending conversations. This will help you understand how people are celebrating the hashtag holiday this year and what other global events are influencing your audience.

A screenshot of Demographics in Sprout's Listening tool

Step 4: Prepare your hashtag holiday content in advance

Don’t wait until the day-of to create your content. Once you have a great idea, start resource planning accordingly. Then, begin the process of creating your content, getting it approved and scheduling it in advance.

Note: The fun nature of hashtag holidays makes them the perfect opportunity to collaborate with other members of your team. Loop in your teammates as soon as possible if you’re planning to join forces.

The hashtag holidays to include in your monthly calendar (with examples)

Here are some of our favorite hashtag holidays coming up in 2024, and brands who nailed their execution.

A yellow chart of Winter hashtag holidays. The chart lists Trivia Day, Pie Day, Pizza Day, Galentine's Day, Popcorn Lovers Day and Storytelling Day.

January hashtag holidays


As the Jeopardy of hashtag holidays, #NationalTriviaDay marks the day every year where people (and brands) can flaunt their niche knowledge. For Trivia enthusiasts, January 4 is the highlight of their year.

Last #NationalTriviaDay, Sprinkles Cupcakes quizzed their Instagram followers about their first ATM location. The post garnered hundreds of engagements, with fans correctly answering the question and sharing their nostalgic memories in the comments.

Apply it: Use this holiday as a chance to gamify your new product announcements or brand history. Ask your community if they know how your products are made or if they remember the original name of your top products. Watch the likes, replies and answers come streaming in.


Every year on January 23, people all over the US celebrate one of America’s favorite desserts. #NationalPieDay is a perfect hashtag holiday for pie shops. But restaurants and food manufacturers aren’t the only brands who can get a piece of the increased buzz on social.

Reese’s Book Club featured pies with #Bookstagram sayings written in the crust as the stars of their carousel, a playful way to engage their audience on the holiday in 2023.

Apply it: Are there unexpected ways your product intersects with pie? If so, lean into them when planning your content.

February hashtag holidays


As one of the most delicious hashtag holidays, #NationalPizzaDay on February 9 is an ideal opportunity to showcase your gooey cheese and buttery crust, and rally your customers around fan favorite offerings.

Lou Malnati’s, the iconic Chicago-based pizzeria, even launched a National Pizza Day contest to engage their audience. In the comments section of the Instagram post about their giveaway, their most loyal fans were eager to share why they love the restaurant and their pizza.

A screenshot of Lou Malnati's Instagram caption that details their National Pizza Day giveaway.

Apply it: Whether you’re expanding your offerings to include pizza or you’re a long-established chain, people love a chance to win free items from your menu. Host your own giveaway or contest to celebrate this holiday.


While Galentine’s Day officially originated on the show “Parks and Recreation,” February 13 became widely celebrated on social as a way for everyone to go all-out for their besties.

Last #GalentinesDay, Claire’s featured a roundup of Galentine’s Day gift ideas customers can find at their stores.

Apply it: How can your products cater to best friends? Try creating a #GalentinesDay gift guide or hosting a giveaway to show your followers some love.

March hashtag holidays


#PopcornLoversDay is observed on March 10. The hashtag holiday is the perfect chance for snack enthusiasts to enjoy new popcorn flavors and desserts.

Honolulu Cookie, the legendary Hawaiian cookie company, celebrated #PopcornLoversDay by recommending their followers pair popcorn with their popular shortbread cookie.

Apply it: When celebrating #PopcornLoversDay on social, brands should take a cue from Honolulu Cookie and pair popcorn with an activity related to their product or service.


#WorldStorytellingDay on March 20 is a celebration of the art of storytelling. The hashtag holiday brings an ancient tradition to a modern forum by connecting people through stories.

In 2023, the co-founder of the nonprofit organization Child Arise shared an article about the power of the world’s smallest storytellers, children. The humanitarian organization’s #WorldStorytellingDay LinkedIn post summarized their mission and how storytelling helps them transform the lives of children worldwide.

A screenshot of a LinkedIn post from Sweta Shah, the founder of a non-profit organization called ChildArise. In the post, she explains the mission of ChildArise, and how it amplifies the power of "our smallest storytellers," children. She ties the post in with the hashtag holiday, World Storytelling Day.

Apply it: In your own content, use #WorldStorytellingDay to tie back to your mission or the history of your brand. Ask yourself:

  • Which stories fill the chapters of my brand’s history book?
  • How has my business been a vital part of my community over the years?
  • Are there stories from our community we can amplify?
A yellow chart that lists spring hashtag holidays, including National Sibling Day, Earth Day, Star Wars Day, Bike to Work Day and National Donut Day.

April hashtag holidays


Let’s hear it for the siblings. #NationalSiblingsDay on April 10 celebrates the special bond siblings share.

Some brands celebrate the hashtag holiday literally. Last year Southwest Airlines introduced their customers to siblings on their flight crews in this TikTok video.

A screenshot of a TikTok from Southwest Airlines. The caption reads, "We are family...but no for real." The post includes a slideshow of different siblings from their flight crews. The first slide reads: "Happy National Siblings Day to some of our siblings Cohearts (bc Coheart is more fun to say than Coworker)."

Apply it: If you have siblings working at your organization, consider highlighting them on #NationalSiblingsDay. You can also feature other siblings like adorable animals and famous families.


#EarthDay is more than just a hashtag holiday—it’s the world’s largest environmental movement. Social media helps the cause gain momentum, which is why every April 22 your feeds are flooded with Earth appreciation content.

Grove Collaborative, the sustainable cleaning and personal care products brand, takes #EarthDay to the next level by celebrating #EarthMonth. Last April, they held a contest in honor of Earth Month to highlight Sustainable Superstars from their community.

Apply it: If you post on #EarthDay, make sure to align your content with your corporate responsibility initiatives. A post with no action to back it up will fall flat. Show your audience what you’re doing to give back, and take a moment to highlight your community members who are leading the sustainability charge.

May hashtag holidays


#Maythe4thBeWithYou—or #StarWarsDay—on May 4 is the celebration of all things Star Wars. Prepare your Baby Yoda memes, Chewbacca cosplay and queue up all 12+ movies.

On last #Maythe4th, LEGO rounded up user-generated content of their legendary LEGO StarWars sets. The result was an awe-inspiring carousel that reminded their fans of epic battles they can build in their own homes.

Apply it: This quirky hashtag holiday isn’t right for every brand. But if your community is made up of die-hard Star Wars fans, they’ll appreciate you venturing to a galaxy far, far away. Just be sure to use the right lingo and create relevant content, or you could risk ending up on your community’s dark side. May the force be with you.


On the third Friday of May, #NationalBiketoWorkDay challenges those who typically commute by car to bike instead.

Last May, Blueland, the reusable and refillable home essentials brand, used the holiday as a chance to showcase the power of their Multi-surface Cleaner and Cloud Cloths. Their team cleaned public bikes in New York City, and successfully demonstrated how effective their products are. They also surprised-and-delighted customers by leaving behind Blueland goodie bags on freshly-cleaned bikes.


In honor of National Bike to Work Day, we cleaned Citi Bikes around NYC as a thank you for picking the planet, instead of a car. Did you know the dirtiest surfaces in NYC are Citi Bike handlebars?! We put our Multi-Surface Cleaner and Cloud Cloths to the ultimate test with this one. 💪 Source: Gothamist #blueland #bike #bikelife #bikelover #biketok #biketowork #biketoworktips #biketoworkweek

♬ original sound – Blueland

Apply it: Do your customers interact with your products during their morning commute? Reward those who bike to work with a free coupon or service. Like Blueland, don’t be afraid to think outside the box, especially if Earth-friendly alternatives are part of your brand ethos.

June hashtag holidays


On the first Friday of June, we celebrate #NationalDonutDay and pay homage to the glazed, cream-filled treats.

When you picture donuts, it’s hard not to imagine racks of sugary goodness offered at Dunkin’. Last year for the hashtag holiday, the brand gave away free donuts to everyone who purchased a beverage. They promoted the giveaway with a cheeky message to fans on social.

A post on X from Dunkin. The message reads: "Our profile pic is a donut so you won't forget that national donut day is june 2nd and we're giving out a free donut when you purchase a beverage."

Apply it: It’s hard not to love free donuts. Offering a donut giveaway will help generate foot traffic to your store and engagement on social. Even if you aren’t a donut maker, try partnering with a baked goods company to generate foot traffic and make the most of the occasion.

A yellow chart that lists summer hashtag holidays. The list includes World UFO Day, National Lazy Day, Photography Day, Grandparents Day and Women's Health Day.

July hashtag holidays


If you believe in aliens, you’re not alone. Some 65% of Americans believe intelligent life exists outside of Earth. On July 2 social media users commemorate the quest to learn more about what lies beyond the stars with #WorldUFODay.


Happy WorldUFODay! 🛸 The wonder some of us have about the phenom of aliens and UFOs is out of this world. 👽 Go to cityoflasvegas.link/ufo to see a list of some UFO and alien-themed attractions in the Las Vegas valley.

♬ original sound – City of Las Vegas

Even if you don’t have a sci-fi brand, you can still create out of this world content. For example, the City of Las Vegas celebrated the hashtag holiday with an ode to the alien-themed attractions in their city.

Apply it: Don’t overthink it. Find a fun, playful way to link your brand’s offerings to the alien phenomenon.

August hashtag holidays


#NationalLazyDay on August 10 is a hashtag holiday we can all get behind. Who doesn’t need an excuse to take a break and be cozy?

Last year on #NationalLazyDay, La-Z-Boy, the comfy furniture company, showed their customers how they help every day be a lazy day. They paired videos of people resting in their famous furniture paired with the tagline “Long live the lazy.”


If you haven’t heard yet, we’re taking lazy back. This #NationalLazyDay marks our first call to inaction.😌 Because you do a whole lot of adulting and deserve to do a whole lot of nothing. It’s time we normalized lazy moments because you’ve earned them.   Comment a “✋” if you’re joining us! #longlivethelazy #comfort #comfort #restday #home

♬ original sound – La-Z-Boy

Apply it: How do your products/services give your customers a chance to be “lazy”? Take a cue from La-Z-Boy and show your followers how you can help them sit back and relax.


Did you know 54,400+ photos are taken every second? We’re a world of photo lovers. #WorldPhotographyDay on August 19 gives people an opportunity to share their love of photography.

B&H Photo and Pro Audio celebrated the hashtag holiday last year by asking experts what their favorite photo they’ve ever taken is and why. The candid responses were heart-warming, and helped humanize their brand.


National Photo Day is tomorrow! Of all the people, places, and things you’ve ever photographed, do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken? Show us by tagging @bhphoto and #NationalPhotographyDay 🌎📷 . #worldphotographyday #photography #bhphoto

♬ original sound – B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio

Apply it: If you’re a photography brand, share the people behind your company’s favorite photos and ask your customers to share their own favorites with you. This holiday is a great opportunity to build community and true connection.

September hashtag holidays


On the first Sunday after Labor Day in the US, we celebrate all our beloved grandparents on #NationalGrandparentsDay.

To celebrate the occasion, Papersource, the paper goods company, shared instructions for how to make homemade cards for parents who have been “promoted” to grandparent status. The sweet tutorial endeared and inspired their followers.

Apply it: Celebrate the hashtag holiday by presenting your audience with grandparent gift guides made with your products. Or take a page from Papersource’s content strategy and share DIY ideas.


The last Wednesday of September is #WomensHealthAndFitnessDay. This hashtag holiday celebrates rituals that promote women’s wellbeing and encourages women to find joy in movement.

To celebrate, Dr. Teal’s wellness and personal care brand created a video about working out hard and recovering harder. The video featured their epsom salt products as the perfect addition to recovery routines.


Let’s celebrate National Women’s Health & Fitness Day by getting our sweat on 🏋️‍♀️💪➡️ Recover with your favorite Dr Teal’s products 🛁 Available @target #drteals #epsomsalts #workoutrecovery #womensfitness

♬ Another Level – Oh The Larceny

Apply it: If your brand is in the wellness industry, carve out a spot in your content calendar for #WomensHealthAndFitnessDay. Show your audience how they can use your products to support their fitness journey and overall wellbeing.

A yellow chart that lists fall hashtag holidays, including National Coffee Day, National Cat Day, Giving Tuesday and Festivus.

October hashtag holidays


Perhaps the most beloved hashtag holiday of all, #InternationalCoffeeDay on October 1 celebrates our collective love of java.

Like this post from Caribou Coffee demonstrates, the best #InternationalCoffeeDay content acknowledges our obsession with coffee, celebrates coffee worldwide and includes discounts or giveaways.

Apply it: Make coffee the star of your content on #InternationalCoffeeDay. Turn your logo into latte art. Show your team recharging with a cup of joe. Give away free coffee to everyone who visits your store. Give the people what they want: coffee.


If there’s anything pet parents love, it’s a chance to show you their pets. On #NationalCatDay on October 29, cat owners spoil their kitties with extra love and post their favorite photos and videos of them.

PetSmart celebrated #NationalCatDay last year by creating a day-in-the-life video of a cat. The video pinpointed exactly what many people suspect cats are thinking and the result is adorable.

Apply it: How do cats play a role in your business? Do remote employees have cats who crash their video calls? Feature them in your next video. Also, with Halloween around the corner, you can give your cat content a spooky twist.

November hashtag holidays


#GivingTuesday marks the Tuesday after Black Friday where people turn their spending toward nonprofits.

In St. Jude’s video, they share five compelling reasons people should donate to the children’s research hospital. The video highlights the hospital system’s contribution to the wellbeing of sick children and their families.


giving tuesday is a day of generosity & helping others ❤️ #stjude #givingtuesday #giveback #givingszn

♬ Fast Hip Hop Trap Instrumental 5 – dj_komplex

Apply it: Unless you’re an NGO or partnering with one, don’t promote your own content on #GivingTuesday. Instead, amplify and make space for organizations that are serving communities in need.

December hashtag holidays


Although the show “Seinfeld” ended more than 24 years ago, it’s still influencing pop culture. In the show, character George Constanza’s family celebrated #Festivus as an alternative to Christmas. Since then, Dec 23 has become a hashtag holiday observed by Seinfield superfans.

In this Post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the New York Post breaks down how to celebrate the “Festivus for the rest of us.”

Apply it: If your community is full of Seinfeld appreciators, make room in your holiday content calendar for #Festivus. Be sure to include nods to holiday traditions like displaying an aluminum pole and performing the airing of grievances.

What’s next for your content in 2024

Now that you know some of the hashtag holidays coming up in 2024, it’s time to start planning. Remember to stay true to your brand by choosing relevant hashtags that will help foster a deeper connection with your target audience.

Use our 30-day social media plan template to ensure what you share aligns with the interests of your community and contributes to overall business value. By completing just one task each day for the next 30 days, you can fully transform your social content.