Feeling guilty about your daily latte habit? Not today. National Coffee Day is the perfect excuse to add an extra shot or dare we say it, whipped cream to your favorite frothy beverage. Start your day with a fully caffeinated americano or beat the 3 p.m. slump with a cold brew. And what the heck, why not indulge in a decaf affogato for dessert?

Keep reading to learn more about National Coffee Day, when it is, how to properly celebrate it, and how businesses across the country participate.

What is National Coffee Day?

The annual celebration of the best part of waking up. The exact origin of National Coffee Day is unknown, but several sources claim that National Coffee Day was first celebrated in Japan in 1983 before being introduced to coffee lovers stateside in 2005. It’s the perfect excuse to go on an AM excursion with colleagues or treat yourself after school drop-off.

What is the best part of National Coffee Day, you ask? Popular coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts typically sweeten the celebration by offering free or discounted drinks. Think of it as a type of seasonal marketing tactic.

When is National Coffee Day celebrated?

Mark your calendars and start dreaming of your ultimate order, because National Coffee Day is September 29th, 2022. This year, National Coffee Day falls on a Thirstday. Oops, we haven’t had our coffee yet! The celebration takes place on a Thursday, so you can finish your week strong while enjoying some grande deals.

How businesses celebrate National Coffee Day

Coffee chains usually celebrate National Coffee Day by offering a free cup of coffee. However, many chains use the day to promote other business initiatives.

For example, last year Panera celebrated the holiday by celebrating parents and caregivers. Panera found that 50% of parents say that it takes more than one cup of coffee for them to be the kind of parent they want to be to their children. This inspired the “Jump Start Jug”—a gallon-sized iced coffee vessel for caregivers, a spoof on the oversized water bottle trend. They organized an online giveaway of 450 Jump Start Jugs for sleep-deprived parents to enter in honor of National Coffee Day.

But Panera isn’t the only joint in town hoping to draw in customers on National Coffee Day with free offerings—Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have their own strategies. This means you can keep the F R E E flowing all day long.

Starbucks National Coffee Day

Last year, Starbucks combined its resource positive initiative with National Coffee Day by only offering a free cup of Pike’s Place Roast to customers who remembered to bring their own reusable coffee receptacles.

If you’ve got more elaborate beverage plans in celebration of this special day, you don’t have to remember your thermos. But, if drip coffee is your drug of choice, better to be safe than sorry and make a note to throw your favorite reusable cup, vat or trough to claim your prize.

Dunkin’ Donuts National Coffee Day

Dunkin’ Donuts celebrated last year’s National Coffee Day by offering free iced or hot coffee to their DD Perks loyalty club members. Will they offer this exclusive deal again this year? Sign up now (you know, just in case).

One last question: hot or iced?

You’ve got the day marked down on your calendar and you’ve got your pick of popular places to snag swag for free. Whether you’re a tired parent, busy teacher, dedicated service, or healthcare worker—you deserve a treat. National Coffee Day is the perfect reminder we all need to fill our cups, while also filling our coffee cups.

Now, there’s only one decision left to make: hot or iced?

National Coffee Day frequently asked questions

What is Starbucks doing for National Coffee Day?

Starbucks usually announces their National Coffee Day deals closer to the holiday. Last year, Starbucks announced their free coffee offer at 8 A.M. on National Coffee Day. Keep an eye out on social media closer to National Coffee Day for updates.

Who is giving free coffee on National Coffee Day?

Last year, many of your favorite coffee chains offered free coffee to celebrate National Coffee Day. Starbucks, Panera, Dunkin, 7-Eleven, Krispy Kreme, Peet’s and many other chains offered free or discounted coffee on National Coffee Day.

When is National Iced Coffee Day?

There is no specific Iced Coffee Day but iced coffee lovers don’t need to fret. Deals on iced coffee are also offered on National Coffee. Last year, Dunkin’ offered their loyalty members a choice between hot or iced coffee.