As a parent, you sacrifice a lot to raise your children to be responsible adults. You work hard to provide financial, emotional, and mental stability to your kids. National Parents Day honors parents by recognizing their efforts and promoting appropriate parental role models. This guide uncovers everything you need to know about this day and how businesses can leverage it to gain a competitive edge.

History of Parents Day

The U.S. Congress adopted a resolution to institute Parents Day every fourth Sunday of July. President Bill Clinton signed it into law in 1994, and the first celebration occurred on July 28, 1995. The Congress resolution aimed at supporting, uplifting, and recognizing responsible parental roles.

How brands participate in Parents Day on social media

Social media marketing is huge, and many established brands don’t miss out on a popular event like Parents Day. Active users across these platforms hit 3.7 billion in 2021. As a social media manager, you can leverage the opportunity to increase engagement, attract more leads and improve sales. Here are helpful tips:

Post inclusive messages

As you create social media posts to encourage and support others, remember that everyone’s experience is different. One of the best ways to resonate with your followers is to understand your target audience’s needs and customize your messages.

Some people celebrate Parents Day to honor parent figures in their lives, such as a family friend, grandparent, or aunt. Ensure you create an inclusive message for all users to feel accepted.

Focus on brand engagement and identity

A Parents Day social media campaign involves more than showcasing your offers. Experts project the social media market to reach $223.11 billion in 2022. Social media managers can leverage this opportunity on the upcoming festive day to enhance brand engagement and identity.

You can achieve this by launching a loyalty program, which can turn one-time buyers into return clients. Use Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to highlight some of your happy customers.

Emphasize your company’s corporate social responsibility

71% of buyers prefer purchasing from organizations that align with their values. During a popular holiday like Parents Day, social media managers need to showcase their company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

A major holiday is an ideal time to engage in philanthropic endeavors and give back to the world. It would help if you used this opportunity for storytelling and launching effective festive marketing campaigns. Showcasing your brand’s corporate social responsibility can attract many buyers looking to associate with responsible organizations.

Run Parents Day-themed Instagram giveaways

Instagram boasts 1.393 billion active users monthly. Launching giveaways on this popular social media channel allows you to promote your products, acquire more followers and enhance brand awareness.

To establish a successful giveaway on Parents Day, you want to plan appropriately. Define the purpose of your strategy before starting the campaign. When launching your giveaway campaign, you need to focus on larger marketing goals like boosting product awareness.

Launch a new product

Holidays offer brands a chance to launch and promote new products successfully. Creating holiday-inspired merchandise is a great way to attract new customers. This requires a lot of planning and hard work, meaning it’s best to start early.

It would be best to have enough time to create a product, develop a strategy, and work with influencers. Regardless of your budget, you can incorporate creativity and impact your followers across multiple social media networks. Strategic pop-ups can drive conversions and traffic to your business website.

Share appreciation campaign

There’s no better time to appreciate others than during the holidays. Show your customers, followers, and people around you that you value their support by thanking them on Parents Day. You can give a virtual shout-out to your customers by using user-generated content.

The strategy works well, especially if your followers and clients like tagging your brand in their stories. You can also create a promo code targeting your Instagram followers as an appreciation campaign. A great way to get more followers to join your campaign is by sharing your promo code using Instagram Reels. These receive massive sharing on the platform, and you can bet on it to reach more social media users.

UN Women shared a heartfelt post on this holiday to show just that:

Collaborate with social media influencers

As of 2021, influencer marketing stood at $13.8 billion. If you want to make the most out of this year’s Parents Day, partnering with established social media influencers can help. They can assist you raise your profile, reach a new audience, and attracting new prospects.

Many brands worldwide have been using Parents Day to celebrate with others while promoting their products and services. Here are examples of how companies participated in the past Parents Day:


Renowned technology company Panasonic participated in the 2019 Parents Day by launching a digital campaign centered on the holiday. The goal was to enhance category association and brand awareness for the Company.

Social media users participated in the contest by sharing Panasonic products they would love to offer as gifts to their parents and why. By the end of the contest, the brand had received approximately 4000 entries from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


GoDaddy, a web hosting and domain Registrar Company, celebrated the 2020 Parents Day by sharing an emotional and motivational message via its social media handles. They thanked parents worldwide for supporting their children’s dreams and guiding them to achieve their goals.


RITZ partnered with the National Foster Parent Association to celebrate foster parents who care for thousands of kids in the United States. The Company created a short video clip featuring a family meeting for the first time with a foster child.

RITZ also included Instagram Stickers, allowing foster parents to share foster children’s photos while hiding their identities.

Creative Effective Parents Day Campaigns

Parents Day comes once a year, but social media managers can use it to increase brand engagement, boost sales and gain a competitive edge. Think of out-of-box strategies to achieve your marketing goals as you wait to celebrate and appreciate your parents this July. If you need more insights, check out when it’s appropriate to post on social media.

Parents Day frequently asked questions

When is Parents Day?

Each year, National Parents Day Celebrations occur on the fourth Sunday of July. In 2022, the event will be on Sunday, 24 July.

What is Parents Day?

Parents Day is an important day to celebrate parental role models and give appreciation for parent’s commitment and care towards their children.