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In case you weren’t able to stay on top of your RSS feeds this week, we’ve got some of this week’s biggest social media news stories right here.

Facebook Page admins got good news earlier this week. The social network announced that the names of admins will be displayed next to their posts and comments, making it easier to manage a Page with multiple team members.

We also took a look at how some of the top brands are engaging audiences on Instagram, and how KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is leveraging its Twitter and Facebook presence to accept social payments.

You can read these stories, as well as updates on e-commerce and Yelp in our recap below.

Coming Soon: Monitor Which Facebook Page Admins Took Action


Sometimes managing a Facebook Page can turn into a task that requires help from more than one person. However, if multiple people are helping with posting and responding, things can start to get complicated. For example, you might spend time crafting an important promoted post, only to log on and discover that the post has disappeared. Who removed it? And did someone replace it with another promoted post?

As the team managing your Facebook presence grows, you want to make sure that everyone works together efficiently. To help achieve this, the social network will soon begin displaying the names of admins next to their posts and comments on your Facebook Page. Some admins might have already been notified of this change through a message on the social network. [Read More…]

Learn How Top Brands Are Engaging Audiences on Instagram


Instagram has had a successful few years in terms of consumer and marketer adoption. But in order to capitalize on that growth, the company is shifting into the advertising space. However, this must be done carefully while attempting to maintain the delicate balance between user experience and brand satisfaction.

To help businesses reach audiences through captivating imagery, the company has launched The Instagram Handbook for Brands which profiles 11 companies that are doing a great job of engaging their audiences on Instagram without sacrificing user experience. Unfortunately the book isn’t broadly available, but content from it will be featured on Instagram’s blog. [Read More…]

4 Social Media Platforms E-Commerce Brands Should Be Using


Past studies have shown that 74 percent of consumers rely on social media to help guide their purchases, with four in 10 having purchased an item in-store or online after sharing it on a social network. This data should inspire brands to optimize their marketing assets and social strategies, especially considering that U.S. consumers are projected to spend $327 billion online in 2016.

That’s still two years away, but don’t for a second assume that social platforms haven’t been preparing. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube have all released features specifically designed to help brands boost e-commerce sales. Let’s take a look at a few of these and see how they can be integrated into your social strategy. [Read More…]

Welcome Customers to Your Yelp Business Page With Larger Photos


By now it’s pretty obvious that visual content can drive sales, attract customers, and boost engagement rates. As a result of this, social media platforms have made adjustments to their design and layouts to put an even great emphasis on images. We’ve already seen this on Twitter and Facebook, and now more social networks are following suit.

This week, Yelp announced the rollout of redesigned and re-engineered business pages. The new look puts community-contributed content, such as photos, front and center. This means that instead of seeing a small thumbnail image, consumers are now welcomed by up to six big, beautiful photos when visiting a business’ page on Yelp. [Read More…]

KLM’s Social Payments Inspires Brands to Take Risks


Over the last few years, we’ve highlighted some of the brands that have been leading the way in leveraging social media to create thriving communities, provide customer service, and establish widespread awareness through innovative marketing initiatives. As the field continues to evolve, businesses are forced to adapt and take risks. While this can be challenging for some, other brands, like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, aren’t afraid to leap.

One of the largest airlines in the world, KLM has once again shown customers that it’s not afraid to take risks with its social media strategy. The company this week announced that in addition to arranging special services, travelers can now make a payment through Facebook and Twitter. While customers could make seat reservations or arrange extra baggage through social media, previously payment had taken place over the phone. [Read More…]