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Measure and enhance your social business strategy with Sprout Social’s Instagram analytics suite. Track post performance, trends in hashtag usage, audience engagement and competitor data.

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Flexible Instagram Reporting

Customize your reports by selecting any number of profiles and setting a specific reporting period.

Report Across Multiple Profiles

Compare Instagram follower growth, sent and engagement stats across several products, brands or locations.

Unlimited Reports & Data

Download beautiful, client- or presentation-ready PDF reports or easily export the data in CSV.

Discover What Resonates With Your Audience

Identify Top Posts

View a snapshot of your most engaged media across any timeframe to inform content strategy decisions.

Track Comments, Likes & Engagement

Dig into post-level insights with the Sent Messages Report—easily sort by metric and export to CSV.

Uncover Engaged Influencers

Top Influencers Engaged surfaces users with a large following that commented on your posts.

Powerful Instagram Hashtag Analytics & Reporting

Breakdown Usage

Compare your most used Instagram hashtags to the ones that garner the most engagement.

Analyze Strategy

Quickly see how branded hashtags perform relative to broader industry or topical hashtags in your posts.

Monitor & Track Campaigns

Apply campaign tags to scheduled Instagram posts and use the Sent Messages and Tag Reports to query for insights.

Track & Measure Instagram Engagement

View Likes & Comments Over Time

Understand how and when your Instagram audience is engaging with your media to maximize results.

Break Down Your Engagements

Measure success using engagement ratios based on followers and posts.

Identify Performance Trends

Understand engagement trends with dynamic analytics based on the report period.

Monitor the Competitive Landscape

Benchmark Publishing Behavior

Set and track content goals based on competitor activity and industry averages.

Competitor Campaign Insight

View your competitors’ most used hashtags to monitor campaigns or product launches.

Monitor Audience Growth

Keep track of Instagram audience growth and trends across competitors or a portfolio of related brands.

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