Did you know that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand? That makes it a great platform for growing your audience and getting in front of the right people.

When using Instagram for your business it’s important to understand how to optimize your efforts by taking advantage of Instagram’s special features. One of the newest of these features is Instagram Collabs, enabling you to co-author content with a collaborator to multiply engagement and reach.

In this article, we’ll explain how Instagram Collab posts can fit into your social media strategy.

What is an Instagram Collab post

Graphic with blue background and white question mark with the definition of Instagram Collab Post

An Instagram Collab post is a single, co-created Feed Post or Reel that shows up on two profiles at the same time. One person makes the post and invites a second person to collaborate. Once they accept, the post and its comments, likes and shares are shared by both accounts.

Keep in mind that you can only have one collaborator (besides yourself) in each post. And Lives and Stories have not yet been incorporated into this new feature.

How do Instagram Collab posts benefit brands?

This Instagram feature has been readily and eagerly adopted by influencers and capital-C Creators. Brands are getting into the mix and testing the waters, which is a smart move because often what is good for the creator is good for the brand as well.

Numerical list of benefits of Instagram Collab posts

Boost your reach

Perhaps the lowest of all the hanging fruit is capitalizing on increased reach for your brand account. If it feels like you’re always fighting the Instagram algorithm, Collabs can help you get into people’s Feeds through the accounts they are already following and engaging with regularly.

Improve engagement

Similarly, more people finding your content means more opportunities for them to comment or otherwise engage with your posts. Even if you and your collaborator share a similar audience, the odds are fairly high that a healthy portion of their followers will be outside your regular crowd. That means a larger pool of people who can interact with your content. Keep in mind that posting your Instagram content at the right times can skyrocket this engagement even further.

Get more followers

We all know that having the endorsement of someone you already know, like and trust can go a long way toward helping you trust someone new. When you show up in people’s feeds with that tacit seal of approval from a brand or creator they are already following, they are much more likely to click on your profile and hit the “follow” button than if you just randomly showed up on their Explore page. Credibility and trust are just one of many ways to get more followers on Instagram.

Increase sales from Instagram shopping

If your brand is already using shoppable posts, why not combine that sales-friendly feature with a Collab? By combining Collabs with Instagram shopping, you can benefit from the above plus increase your chance of converting people who land on your post into buyers.

How to Collab post on Instagram

There are two phases to getting an Instagram Collab post created and live. The first requires the post creator to make the Post or Reel as they normally would, and the second requires them to invite the collaborator to share it.

Step 1. Create a Feed Post or Reel like you normally would.
Step 2. Add any customizations and details you’d like.
Step 3. Select Tag People from the post details menu.
Step 4. Select Invite Collaborator from the menu.
Step 5. Use the search bar to find the user you want to collaborate with and tap Done.
Step 6. Finish detailing the post before you tap Share.

How to accept an Instagram Collab post

Now that the post has been created, it’s time for the collaborator to go in and accept the invitation.

Step 1. Go to your activity page.
Step 2. Click on the invite notification.
Step 3. Tap Review.
Step 4. Select Accept.

6 Instagram Collab post ideas for brands

The next question likely on your mind: when and how should I actually use an Instagram Collab? We’ve rounded up a few ideas and examples to get you started.

Partner with other brands

Do you have a good working relationship with another brand with a similar audience? That business might be a perfect candidate for a Collab. Think of opportunities for cross-promoting each other’s content or even running a sale together. Consider what sorts of content both of your audiences would be interested in and find valuable. Then create a plan to develop it and share it together.

Work with Influencers

Influencers tend to have extremely engaged followers. Working with an Instagram influencer to develop a series of Instagram Collab Posts could help build hype around your brand. Tap into an influencer marketing software to collaborate with them and borrow their enthusiastic audiences to take advantage of the clout that comes from their name showing up on your account’s posts or Reels.

Instagram collab post between nailboo and nails with jai

Promote your other accounts

Brands often have more than one account per platform. Maybe you’ve got one for a specific product. Or maybe your CEO has a really popular personal account. An Instagram Collab Post allows you to put the same content in front of your audience at the same time. Plus, if someone is already following one of your accounts, there’s a high likelihood they’ll be interested in following the others too.

Instagram collab post between herfirst100k and treasury app depicting a meme about the UK economy


Support a nonprofit or charity

Consumers expect brands to align with their values, as evidenced by data from The 2023 Sprout Social Index™ that shows 21% of consumers follow a brand on social because their values or mission aligns with their own. To build engagement and loyalty, whenever possible, brands should showcase values that their customers also care about. An Instagram Collab lets you share your beliefs in action and bring awareness to an important cause. Win-win.

New product launch

Get the combined power of two audiences for your next launch by working with another brand or influencer to promote your new service or product. For all the same reasons as an everyday Instagram Collab Post, joining forces with another account leverages and maximizes the efforts you are already making. Plus, it’s a relatively low lift to add a collaborative element to content that’s already being produced.


Promote a giveaway or a discount

A giveaway or discount campaign can also benefit from the combined influence of two accounts. When the goal is engagement and conversion, having double the amount of followers participate can exponentially expand the footprint of your campaign.

Instagram collab post between Honest Kitchen and Ruby in Brooklyn depicting a small dog eating from a bag of treats

Make Instagram Collab Posts a part of your ongoing strategy

Collab Posts are a key element of the growing creator economy. These collaborations are becoming a more central part of social strategy, which means brands need to rethink how they approach social. If you could use a little help in that, we’ve got an article that’ll guide you through developing a robust Instagram marketing strategy that covers all the bases and sets your brand up for sustainable growth and success.