Klout is used by many businesses and individuals to measure “social influence.” Today, the company announced that Instagram photos and Bing will play a role in determining your score.

As a bit of a refresher, Klout determines a score on a scale from 1 to 100 based on interactions and engagement throughout various social networks. While the company has allowed members to connect their Instagram account for some time, those photos didn’t impact scores until today.

Now, all of your Instagram activities will be part of your Klout Score, and your most popular photos will appear in your Klout Moments — a collection of your most interesting, insightful, and influential content. The company estimates that more than 77 percent of Instagram-connected members will see a score increase between one and five points.

Additionally, Klout’s partnership with Bing (announced last Fall) will finally bring search data into the equation. This means that in time, Bing search results will factor into each member’s Klout Score. It’ll likely have a bigger impact on brands and businesses than for individuals. Regardless, it’s a good reason to keep a watchful eye on your SEO practices if you want to keep up appearances or have partners who pay special heed to Klout scores.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Kris Krug]