We have a whole article series dedicated to featuring startups, but sometimes there are too many to feature — and sometimes they don’t entirely fit the bill for examples in social strategy. But this time, we’re giving a special nod to Chicago outfit InstaThis because their products have been making a smash in the Sprout Social offices lately.

The team at InstaThis print your Instagram photos on wood or acrylic — a straightforward concept with excellent execution. You can see some of the resulting products above. These are based on photos taken by our team around the Sprout Social office and the rest of Chicago, including one of the conceptual designer of Sprout Insights’ new design, Justin Siddons.

Below, you can see an image of a team member at InstaThis working on the beautiful prints the company produces. The prints are available in various sizes, with discounts for multiple prints intended to be put into a grid for a particular space.

If you’re interested in some prints of your own to give to friends or decorate your space, head over to the InstaThis website — it just launched last month.