Instagram has finally launched an app for Windows Phone, enabling a wider audience to share and engage with your content.

The company hasn’t supported a new platform since it launched Instagram for Android in March 2012. Back then, the community was 30 million strong, and now it boasts more than 150 million.

A long time coming, the Instagram Windows Phone app appears similar to how it does on other platforms; however, it’s lacking functionality. In an effort to make the app available to people with Windows Phones as quickly as possible, the company had to focus on core features only.

This means that video capture and uploading, tagging photos, viewing geotaxis, and in-app camera capture aren’t supported. Windows Phone users can only import photos taken from another app and then import it, making the experience not as fluid as it could be.

Instagram noted in a blog post that it’s not finished, and its team will continue developing the app. All of the features that you know and love will likely be made available in future updates, though no timeline was provided.

A huge milestone for the company, this is also a big opportunity for brands and advertisers using the app. With the recent launch of ads, the more eyes viewing your uploaded images the better. Additionally, customers who might not have been able to engage with your photos or Instagram-based contests previously can now do so.

Instagram for Windows Phone can be downloaded today. We’ll keep you posted as updates and new old features are released.

[Via: The Verge]