Marketers looking for a new way to integrate Instagram into social media strategies have a new feature to take advantage of today. At an event held at Facebook, the app’s co-founder Kevin Systrom debuted video for Instagram.

The Instagram that we all know and love hasn’t really changed, only now you can capture moments in videos as well as photos. Starting today, you’re able to record and stitch together clips to create 15-second videos. Just tap the new video icon in the bottom right corner to switch the camera into video mode and hold down the capture button to start recording.

Once you’re happy with your video, you can choose from 13 brand new custom designed filters for video. Instagram partnered with an artist who specializes in video filters to create all new looks for video only. Just like when adding a filter to a photo, you can see how each filter will look during playback.

Systrom also introduced a new image stabilization feature called Cinema. When tracking a moving subject, such as a kid at play, Cinema reduces the bouncing and shaking of the camera, resulting in a much smoother image throughout the video.

Beyond that, you’ll also be able to select which frame gets displayed in the feed, add captions and locations, and decide on where to share it. When your followers come across your video in their feeds, all they have to do is tap the play button in the upper right corner. Your video will only play once and doesn’t loop.

The updated app is available to all 130 million members on the web as well as on Android and iOS today.

[Image credit: Instagram]