Over the weekend, Instagram rolled out an update that will make sharing to Twitter more seamless.

The popularity of social networks sometimes forces businesses to get creative with their usernames. In some cases it’s impossible to get the same one across all platforms. For this reason, Instagram now translates @mentions for members whose Twitter username and Instagram username differ. This way it doesn’t break mentions when photos are shared on Twitter, making them easier to track.

Previously, when an individual shared a photo from Instagram mentioning your brand’s username in it, it would appear as dead text on Twitter if the two usernames didn’t match up. While this is convenient for everyday users of both services, it’s especially beneficial for those that might not be checking Instagram regularly (although you should be), or have a different username on Twitter.

The automatic translation will only take place if you connect your Twitter account to Instagram. If you have two different usernames and you don’t connect your accounts, the @ symbol will be removed from the username when an individual shares his or her mention of you on Twitter.

Being present on social networks is just as important as knowing when your networks are talking about you. Don’t let a character difference result in you missing out on an opportunity to connect with your customers.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Eric Fischer]