Instagram has released an update for its iPhone and Android apps, and it appears that consumption, not creation, was the motivation behind the new version.

In an attempt to provide narrative around the photos you upload the company has introduced a new feature called Photo Maps. It organizes your geotagged photos on a map, which is then displayed prominently on your profile.

Brands have successfully used Instagram to educate and inspire fans. Photo Maps could put a new spin on storytelling, as your fans will be able to explore your history, easily accessing photos from months or even years ago.

“Location is a new dimension,” explained Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. “Viewing photos is not just about the ephemeral nature of snapshots, it’s about going back into your bedroom and opening your shoeboxes.”

Once you’ve downloaded the new app you will see a Photo Map section on your profile. Initially the feature will pull in photos from the past that you’ve added a location to. You can edit out the photos you don’t want to include and geolocation data will be removed.

The updated apps also feature larger text boxes for entering captions, redesigned user profiles and hashtag and locations pages, and a revamped Explore tag. Additionally, infinite scrolling has been enabled so you won’t have to tap “load more” to view more images.

While there are many creative ways to use Instagram for marketing purposes, storytelling is a powerful method. Although you don’t have to use Photo Maps, it could make for some interesting marketing campaigns. Instagram 3.0 is available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Tucker W.]