As social media platforms become more popular, it forces brands to think more creatively. Take Instagram for example. We’ve already seen a few interesting ways that companies have integrated the photo-sharing app into their marketing strategies.

Last October, New York City restaurant Comodo made a splash by launching a virtual menu composed of customers’ Instagram photos. Earlier in 2012, clothing brand Free People integrated customers’ photos right onto its product pages. More recently, the Toronto Silent Film Festival used the photo-sharing service to promote its upcoming event.

The festival set up three Instagram accounts, each containing a trailer for silent film movies. Attendees and movie-enthusiasts are then encouraged to head to the relevant Instagram account on their smartphones and scroll rapidly through the images, creating a flip book-like effect.

In itself, the concept is a brilliant mix of old and new, and demonstrates that social media welcomes risk-takers.  That said, the ideal experience in this case was rather short-lived. As The Verge pointed out, now that the Instagram accounts have been live for a while, each image set now includes likes and comments, resulting in a broken animation flow.

But that doesn’t mean the festival’s efforts were in vain. Not only was it able to capture the interest and awareness of Instagram members, but it has also become a great example of how social media platforms can support flexible and new types of marketing strategies.

Other marketers should use this opportunity to think of the ways in which their brands can stand out on a crowded platform. Agencies wishing to do something similar to what the Toronto Silent Film Festival did might consider working directly wish Instagram to optimize the experience.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: V.H. Hammer]