Data is essential for understanding how your company is performing on social media networks, and Sprout Social is making it even easier for your business to track those numbers. Our social media management software has several types of reports at your disposal for gathering and interpreting analytics about the profiles operated by your brand and your employees.

The latest addition to Sprout Social’s suite is the Team Report. Here’s a walk-through of how you can create that report, what data it includes, and how your brand can leverage its information to improve your social presence.

Generating the Team Report

Once you log in to your Sprout Social account, select the Reports tab from the bar at the top of the screen. This section lists all the different report types on the left. Click on the Team Report option.

The Team Report is broken down into two sections. The first is the Publishing subheader. This graph breaks down the messages posted by each of your team members through Sprout Social. It gives the total number of posts, the number of replies, and the daily average number of posts that all your employees have made over the duration of the report.

The second section is titled Tasks. This part of the report gives detailed metrics about team member usage of the task assignment tools. The chart covers how many tasks have been assigned to each person, how many have been completed, and the percentage of all assigned tasks that have been finished. It also puts a timer to those responsibilities, listing how much time passes between a task’s assignment and a reply being sent, how long it takes for a task to be completed, and the total time a task spends open.

As with all of Sprout Social’s reports, you have several options for the time span of the data presented. You can choose to see an analysis of the past 15, 30, 60, or 90 days, or you can input the custom date range that you want to review using the calendar button. All those options are available at the top right corner of the report. You can also export the Team Report for easier sharing with any people not connected to your Sprout Social account.

If you aren’t a Sprout Social customer already, you can check out all of the available reports by signing up for a free 30-day trial. The feature is part of Sprout’s Professional, Advanced and Enterprise plans.

How to Use the Report

The Team Report gives a fuller view of both the individuals connected to your Sprout Social account as well as a broad group view of your brand’s performance. The publishing data shows how active people are within the tool, so you can get a comparison of involvement across all team members.

Having this information can assist the people making top-down decisions about policy and activity on social platforms. Especially when coupled with the engagement metrics in Sprout Social’s other reports, the Publishing data can show you how many of your social posts are updates as opposed to replies. This is important information for understanding the content your followers and fans are seeing. By breaking that data out by individuals, you can monitor how well your customer support team is responding to posts or how engaged your sales team is in conversations with potential new clients.

The Tasks section can be especially helpful for assessing the team makeup of your employees on social media. If somebody is falling behind on tasks, you can look into whether he or she is overloaded and needs extra support. Or if an employee has a 100% completion rate and short turn-around times on responsibilities, you can give them a shout-out for a job well done. It also tells you which people are most efficient, and thus provides examples for other employees to learn from. Not only will the report help you understand your brand’s activity, but it can be an an asset in better managing your team’s resources.

[Image credit: MissMessie]