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Worksheet: How to Conduct Social Media Market Research in 90 Minutes or Less

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Market research initiatives can make a major impact on a brand. Unfortunately, it’s rare for marketers to have the time and budget needed to invest in regular focus groups, surveys and interviews. 

That’s where social data comes in. Eighty-five percent of business executives say social data will be a primary source of business intelligence going forward. With social listening and analytics tools, brands can tap into readily available conversations to extract unbiased feedback quickly and efficiently. 

Use this worksheet to gather business-critical insights in less than two hours. This process will help you:

  • Narrow in on the questions and feedback you need to develop an all-star social strategy
  • Refresh your understanding of your brand’s competitive landscape 
  • Gather unfiltered consumer insights with organization wide applications 

Download this worksheet to streamline your social media market research practices and make more data-driven decisions today.

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